Yiannopoulos calls Bannon 'Uncle Steve'

Yiannopoulos calls Bannon 'Uncle Steve'
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Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos revealed Friday that he recently met with Breitbart News executive chairman, Stephen Bannon, referring to him as "Uncle Steve."

Yiannopoulos and Breitbart parted ways earlier this year after the 32-year-old openly gay Christian appeared to advocate pedophilia during a 2016 interview that resurfaced on the internet in February. 

On Friday, Yiannopoulos appeared on Breitbart Radio on Sirius XM with the site's editor in chief and host, Alex Marlow. 

“So I spent some time with Steve. I was lucky enough to see him this week,” Yiannopoulos said.

“Did you break news there?" Marlow asked. "Wow. Milo and Steve, meeting of the minds. Alright, interesting." 


"Uncle Steve," Yiannopoulos replied, adding, "I'm the founding member and life president of the Steve Bannon fan club."

The meeting, to some, appeared to signal that Yiannopoulos could return to the news site.

Yiannopoulos, along with conservative firebrand Ann Coulter and more than 10 other speakers, are expected to attend "Free Speech Week" on the University of California, Berkeley campus starting Sept. 24.

The four-day event, which is likely to draw huge protests and ample media attention, is being organized by a conservative group called The Berkeley Patriot.

Yiannopoulos lost a speaking role at the Conservative Political Action Conference, his Breitbart job and a book deal after a video of him making comments about pedophilia circulated on social media in February.

He has since sued book publisher Simon & Schuster for $10 million for canceling his book, "Dangerous." Yiannopoulos published the book himself on July 4