Dems plan 'Heath Care ER' August ad campaign

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) has announced a “major” August advertising and grassroots campaign on healthcare.

The campaign is called “Health Care ER,” with the ER standing for “emergency response.” It targets more than two dozen GOP members — most of them being targets in 2010, but also some GOP leaders — and includes radio ads, live calls, e-mails and other organized grassroots activities.

All of it is aimed at driving home the idea that Republicans are holding up healthcare reform because they are beholden to insurance companies.

“Time and again, Republicans protect a broken system of skyrocketing costs, insurance companies making healthcare decisions, and record-setting insurance company profits instead of working with President Obama to bring real health insurance reform,” DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen (Md.) said.

The issue has been a difficult one for Democrats, as many of their Blue Dog House colleagues aren’t yet on board. President Obama had hoped to pass legislation by recess, but those involved have since acknowledged that would not happen.

Recent polling suggests more Americans oppose the president’s plan for healthcare than support it.

Nonetheless, Democrats have sworn to stay on the offensive, and the DCCC’s push is a sign that they aren’t backing down.