Kate Tummarello - 02/04/14 06:00 AM EST
Lobbyists for the tech industry say the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) is already understaffed and underfunded, and they question why the White House has let the director position sit vacant for more than a year.“The headless Patent Office...
Brendan Sasso and Kevin Bogardus - 10/31/13 06:00 AM EDT
Cellphone carriers are in the market for a new top lobbyist.Steve Largent, a former GOP congressman and Hall of Fame football player, has announced he will step down as leader of CTIA-The Wireless Association at the end of 2014.Competition for the...
Gautham Nagesh - 05/25/10 04:42 PM EDT
The governors of California, New York and Pennsylvania said Comcast's purchase of NBC Universal from GE would make the television network and cable company stronger, according to a letter sent Tuesday to the Federal Communications Commission....
Tony Romm - 05/15/10 01:00 PM EDT
Top net neutrality supporters in Congress are hoping to avert an all-out legislative showdown that could result from the FCC's push to regulate Internet providers.As the commission under Chairman Julius Genachowski seeks to regain its authority to...
Julian Hattem - 01/08/14 06:00 AM EST
The online review site Yelp is seeking clout in Washington to match its growing influence in Silicon Valley.The company made a splash by hiring a former staffer to House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) as its first ever in-house...
Debbie Siegelbaum - 06/20/12 09:00 AM EDT
Two legislative-branch agencies built on paper are working hard to reinvent themselves as Congress’s consumption of and demand for digital information increases.“We’re responding to technology because technology is affecting how information is...
Tony Romm - 05/22/10 01:00 PM EDT
While all agree a scheduled ban on online gambling will still enter effect on June 1, many point to this week's hearing before the House Ways and Means Committee as an early sign that lawmakers might nix their Internet gambling prohibition in favor...
Gautham Nagesh - 05/11/10 09:19 PM EDT
Along with privacy the organization is also attempting to grapple with net neutrality, which made headlines again recently when FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski suggested that light regulation may accomplish the goals of net neutrality without the...

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