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  • Trump is right about one thing

    Like a stopped clock that is right twice a day, Donald Trump has managed despite himself to get one big thing right: The Republican Party has grown weak and feckless. 

    After months of being trashed by Trump, including attacks and threats during a closed-door meeting with House and...

  • Green Party candidate fights fear politics utilized by Trump, Clinton

    We are living in a world of fear. When the United Kingdom passed a referendum to leave the European Union, the justification for its departure was xenophobic in nature: the British wanted to take their country back. In the West, Islamophobia allows the state and its citizenry to abuse those who...

  • Contamination is a concern in Cannon House building lead scare

    I am writing in response to the articles written about the lead recently found in the drinking water in the Cannon House Office Building, which describe how drinking water fountains were shut down after the architect of the Capitol noticed unusually high amounts of lead during routine sampling....

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  • Conscience rights under threat in US

    Last week our nation celebrated the 240th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The founders who fought for and won our individual freedoms knew that each successive generation would have to work to preserve and protect the “sacred fire of liberty” from the encroachments...

  • Making Social Security fair for all

    Social Security is an important program that has been serving our seniors and individuals with disabilities for decades. Unfortunately, the program is not without its flaws. 

  • On Amazon Prime Day, great deals aren’t the only story to tell

    Last year on Prime Day, Amazon customers bought 34.4 million items worldwide — that’s 398 items every second.