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  • Swing voters will tell it like it is

    Americans care deeply about clean air and water, and a large majority are worried about climate change. That’s what you’ll find if you look at a variety of polls over time. Of course, if you base your conclusions on a single snapshot, as The Hill did the other day (“Environmental concerns dip in...

  • Biosimilar drugs need clarification

    In a recent op-ed piece on The Hill’s Congress Blog (“More must be done to improve access to biosimilar drugs,” March 19), Ike Bannon erroneously argues that the use of unique international non-proprietary names (INN) for biosimilar medicines would slow the entry of this new class of drugs into...

  • Open Skies deals with Qatar, UAE need a level playing field

    A recent op-ed in The Hill (“Let’s keep Open Skies open,” by Danny Sebright, March 19) disingenuously downplayed the massive government support enjoyed by Middle Eastern airlines as they attempt to flood U.S. markets.

    In addition, Sebright attempts to lump this important issue with the U.S...

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  • Hatred doesn’t work

    We oppose so-called “religious freedom” laws, such as the one recently enacted in Indiana, and want to expose them for what they are — legalized bigotry that actually hurts business.

  • April 1 shows the high-skilled visa crisis must be addressed

    Who could oppose innovative job creators, many trained in our best universities, working and living in America?

  • Asking the right questions about military pay

    The All-Volunteer Force (AVF) was not just a new way to enlist recruits; it fundamentally changed the way that America fights wars.