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  • ‘Humane meat’ is the ultimate oxymoron

    The CEO of the American Humane Association painted a bucolic picture of what life is like for animals raised on the agency’s “American Humane Certified” farms in “On Thanksgiving, set a humane table” (The Hill’s Congress Blog, Nov. 20). Unfortunately, as investigations have...

  • Relying on cherry-picked data is both dishonest and damaging

    The Congress Blog entry written by Michael McGrady titled “NASA’s study on Antarctica’s ice: It’s growing” (Nov. 9) is a prime example of what occurs when someone cherry-picks data to confirm their own biases. The author committed a sin of omission, by only presenting a quote from a study that...

  • America can’t wait for new colon cancer screening options

    The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) seeks to improve health in America by recommending how to best prevent disease. Unfortunately, its just-released draft guidelines for preventing colon cancer appear to reinforce known barriers to screening by failing to endorse new screening...

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