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  • No nukes for Iran

    The mullahs who rule Iran defied the nuclear embargo by enriching uranium and buying medium-range missiles because the Obama administration changed the dynamics by ignoring the embargo and capitulating in negotiations. Thus, with the recent deal, the United Nations will not seriously inspect new...

  • America deserves better candidates for 2016

    In the 2016 election for the presidency there is a concern of the qualifications of those running for president, including newly elected senators, a socialist, a doctor, a failed CEO and a celebrity icon. These candidates, who excel at using the media, attracting attention and personally...

  • US must take net neutrality seriously

    Rami Essaid’s Aug. 4 Congress Blog post “Carriers should stop attacking the Open Internet Order” demonstrates a distinct lack of understanding regarding what said order actually accomplishes. Essaid says we should embrace the order as the savior of the Internet. But the Open Internet Order doesn...

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