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  • GOP brought controversy on itself with religious freedom law

    Apparently, corporations’ narrative outrage against the Religious Freedom Restoration Act should cease to exist (“Fiorina blasts Apple CEO’s ‘hypocrisy’ over Indiana law,” April 3).

    As much as conservatives love to deflect from criticism, they have no one to blame but themselves for...

  • Fossil fuel industry groups want to slow progress on climate change

    It has come to my attention that The Hill published blatant misinformation on climate change written in an op-ed by William O’Keefe (“Forecast the Facts, merchants of smear,” April 1), who has no interest in climate change, just in slowing any progress made to curtail carbon emissions as it...

  • Turkey believes in freedom of the press, constitutional debates

    The Republic of Turkey is a partner of the U.S. in addressing regional and global threats, a staunch NATO ally and the only secular democracy of which the majority of its population is Muslim in a region besieged by terrorism and war. By overlooking these facts in their Contributors blog post, “...

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  • Water crisis requires all hands on deck

    The truth is, the availability of safe, clean water is something most Americans assume they have and don’t give it much thought. 

  • In patent debate, small inventors deserve a seat at the table

    Small businesses are leading the nation in innovating and creating new ideas, which lead to jobs and growth.

  • Building a better tax code

    Construction was hit hard by the Great Recession and our industry’s recovery continues to lag the recovery of the overall economy.