James Carville

James Carville - 12/16/14 07:37 PM EST
During my time as a political strategist, one of the most vexing problems was figuring out why so many people vote against their perceived interests. Commentators like myself have spent countless hours speculating on why so many people vote against...
James Carville - 11/18/14 07:22 PM EST
Readers of this column know that I am a college football fan and, until recently, while not a Florida State fan per se, I have been an admirer of certain aspects of their program. I have always respected how Bobby Bowden would go out and challenge...
James Carville - 10/07/14 06:47 PM EDT
As I was having my morning coffee and chicory, I couldn’t help but smile reading Jonathan Martin’s piece on former President Clinton’s recent appearance in Arkansas on behalf of incumbent Sen. Mark Pryor, who is facing a tough race for reelection....
James Carville - 09/09/14 07:39 PM EDT
Just a tiny bit over a year ago I wrote a column for this publication indicating that the Republicans had not been right about a single thing so far this century. Sports gamblers have a name for when you don’t win a single bet over a weekend — it’s...
James Carville - 12/02/14 08:29 PM EST
Since the election, many pundits have reflected on 2014 results and tried to speculate about the implications for 2016. As for me, I have run a small sample experiment to test a hypothesis that I have. You might even want to try it yourself....
James Carville - 10/21/14 06:02 PM EDT
In the past few weeks we have seen quite a few political pundits pontificating about what they would do to handle the Ebola outbreak. This is an overblown crisis and an under-covered humanitarian catastrophe in West Africa, and it’s important that...
James Carville - 09/23/14 05:49 PM EDT
Amid what some election prognosticators consider a less than favorable outlook for the upcoming midterm elections, it has been a tough few months for Democrats.The best news for the Democratic Party right now, though, is that it appears the odds...
James Carville - 08/05/14 07:04 PM EDT
Democrats, myself included, tend to respect and value expertise, and find that people who have established a record of accuracy and developed a model that’s proven to be beneficial over time should be people accorded great deference when they opine...

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