James Carville

James Carville - 09/09/14 07:39 PM EDT
Just a tiny bit over a year ago I wrote a column for this publication indicating that the Republicans had not been right about a single thing so far this century. Sports gamblers have a name for when you don’t win a single bet over a weekend — it’s...
James Carville - 07/08/14 07:12 PM EDT
Lately it seems like every time I look around, the political news I am seeing is five myths about blank, five reasons for this and five things we learned about that. God knows why there are never four or six — five seems to be the preferred number....
James Carville - 05/27/14 06:49 PM EDT
“Keep the government’s hands off my Medicaid!” was one of the iconic messages that the Teabaggers brought with them in 2010.It was that same party that still couldn’t resist talking about rape, witch-hunting and self-deportation. And it’s that same...
James Carville - 04/15/14 05:59 PM EDT
OPINION l This past Sunday I joined a panel of distinguished pundits on “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” and to the surprise of no viewers we spent a considerable amount of time discussing the prospects of a presidential race between Hillary...
James Carville - 08/05/14 07:04 PM EDT
Democrats, myself included, tend to respect and value expertise, and find that people who have established a record of accuracy and developed a model that’s proven to be beneficial over time should be people accorded great deference when they opine...
James Carville - 06/10/14 07:59 PM EDT
The award-winning columnist David Brooks recently wrote about many celebrated conservative economists. Noting Yuval Levin, who is both a distinguished and forceful voice for “conservatism,” Brooks, along with the economists he discusses have...
James Carville - 04/29/14 07:20 PM EDT
Anyone who loves politics and horse racing is out to try and handicap anything this week. My favorite Saturday, outside any Saturday that Louisiana State University plays football, is the Kentucky Derby. It might not be very fashionable these days...
James Carville - 04/01/14 07:25 PM EDT
Earlier this year I took to the pages of The Hill to encourage Democratic strategists to focus on what conditions would look like in November, and not be demoralized by what they look like in February and March. I pushed them to act like they were...

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