True motives revealed

For years, anti-abortion groups claimed their entire motivation was concern for the “unborn.” Yet recent events have shown those groups to also oppose contraception and sexual education, proving their opposition has little to do with protecting life, and everything to do with micromanaging other people’s sexuality.

“In short, liberals want to create a world without God and sexual permissiveness is their battering ram,” wrote conservative Jeffrey Kuhner in the equally conservative Washington Times. “Promoting widespread contraception is essential to forging a pagan society based on consequence-free sex.” 

Similar rantings can be heard in Congress. “They’ve called it preventative medicine,” said Iowa Rep. Steve King (R) in a floor speech. “Well, if you apply that preventative medicine universally, what you end up with is you’ve prevented a generation. Preventing babies from being born is not medicine.” Given that over 99 percent of women have used some form of birth control, it’s clear our species is surviving just fine. 

It goes without saying that the best way to avoid abortions — the result of unwanted or dangerous pregnancies — is to make sure women don’t get pregnant. People will have sex. They always have, they always will. Yet it is eliminating this most natural of human behaviors that motivates the anti-abortion crowd. 

Witness Rick Santorum, in a debate last week. Asked about repeal of the military’s anti-gay policy of “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” he responded, “Any type of sexual activity has absolutely no place in the military.” And he wasn’t joking.

As a vet, I can say with certainty that’s one sure way to decimate our all-volunteer military.

Still, this new honesty is refreshing. Suddenly, it makes sense why so many conservatives oppose funding for pre- and postnatal programs. They don’t really care about those babies! They just want to punish mothers for having unsanctioned sex.

In much the same way, xenophobic, anti-immigrant groups are revealing their true colors after years pretending that their top concern was just illegal immigration.

“[D]espite some of the highest unemployment rates since the Great Depression, Congress and President Obama continue to issue permanent work permits to more than 1 million new legal immigrants a year to enter the U.S. and take American jobs,” claimed NumbersUSA in a new ad campaign airing during the GOP presidential debates. The journal of that movement — The Social Contract — devoted its entire 2010-11 winter edition to the topic of “Limiting Legal Immigration.”

“Mexico is the greatest foreign policy crisis I think America faces in the next 20, 30 years,” said MSNBC’s resident xenophobe, Pat Buchanan, on the air. ”We’re going to have 135 million Hispanics in the United States by 2050, heavily concentrated in the Southwest. The question is whether we’re going to survive as a country.” In Buchanan’s latest book, in a chapter titled “The End of White America,” he writes that “Middle America” is alienated because “they sense they are losing their country. And they are right.”

Their opposition to immigration has little to do with the law, and everything to do with the fact that brown people are moving in next door.

It’s bizarre that MSNBC continues to air the rantings of an overt white supremacist, but it’s good that the network does so. After years of dog whistles and hidden agendas, conservatives feel emboldened enough to open up about their true agenda. Ditto with Social Security, Medicare and disaster-relief funding.

Now we can have an honest debate about the future of our country.

Moulitsas is the publisher and founder of Daily Kos (