Dawna Casanova, Preeclampsia Foundation - 05/25/16 05:04 PM EDT
Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman’s life and that of her family. But one of every 12 pregnancies — including mine — can become a life-threatening experience for both mother and baby. Preeclampsia can happen to any woman, in any pregnancy...
Sara Nelson, international president, Association of Flight Attendants-CWA - 05/23/16 06:17 PM EDT
Joseph Gabriel in his May 18 Congress Blog post “U.S.-based Norwegian flight attendants: Does my job not matter?” asks an important question. The answer is no; their jobs matter so much they deserve the benefits and protections provided by a...
Peter Ludgin, Audience Partners - 05/17/16 05:17 PM EDT
Donald Trump has run an unconventional and successful campaign. But if he rejects data-driven digital media (“Trump: Obama data operation ‘overrated,’ ” May 10) he will be without an effective and cost-efficient technology when he needs it most: A...
Janet Trunzo, senior executive vice president, Technology and Regulatory Affairs, Advanced Medical Technology Association - 05/11/16 05:33 PM EDT
The recent Congress Blog post “Medical devices: The risks of cutting corners” (May 5), mischaracterized the bipartisan legislation recently passed out of the Senate health committee and overwhelmingly approved by the full House that would improve...
Randolph Yunker - 05/24/16 05:34 PM EDT
It should come as no surprise that this year’s presidential campaign and our political arena mirror what has been occurring at sports stadiums filled with dogmatic fans; little league fields attended by overzealous, screaming parents; and our nation...
Marianne Gasiecki, Tea Party activist - 05/18/16 05:02 PM EDT
The opportunity had finally come to elect a leader who not only understands the U.S. Constitution but defends it and our sovereignty as a nation — someone who understands the limitations of our federal government, as well as the authority vested in...
Jim Posmer - 05/16/16 06:31 PM EDT
Who are the Democrats of today? Do they still believe in the words spoken by President John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”? Or do they just wish to lay claim and hold onto the mystique of...
Ron Widelec - 05/10/16 06:13 PM EDT
Judd Gregg’s column in The Hill (“The great disruption,” May 2) could not be more wrong. It is a wonderful example of an establishment figure (former governor and senator) lamenting change to a failed system that has worked so well for a handful of...

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