Andrew Menaquale, energy analyst, Oceana - 09/29/14 06:08 PM EDT
There are a few issues with the report spoken about in “Benefits of offshore drilling in Atlantic outweigh costs, study says” (Sept. 17) that people need to take note of when thinking about whether or not offshore drilling should be brought to the...
William C. Hubbard, American Bar Association president - 09/15/14 06:50 PM EDT
The Constitution provided the framework for our government and serves as the foundation for its legal authority. By carefully crafting limitations on governmental power and by separating those powers into three co-equal branches, the Framers created...
James M. Bennett - 09/08/14 07:09 PM EDT
The best government response to the “inversion” of Burger King with Canada’s Tim Hortons for the purpose of avoiding U.S. taxes is the opposite of what you might think. Rather than club Burger King over the head with yet more tax avoidance rules,...
John-Henry Hill - 08/26/14 02:18 PM EDT
I just finished reading in The Hill the Aug. 9 article “Cruz: Americans have reason for optimism” concerning Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s recent speech in Iowa — clearly in preparation for his upcoming campaign for the presidency in the 2016 elections.I...
Tom Tyschper - 09/23/14 03:49 PM EDT
Our president proudly touts his willingness to go it alone on a domestic issue (Immigration) but adamantly rejects “going it alone” on a foreign issue (ISIS). Some ideological “dissonance” going on? Make up your own mind on that, but the logic he...
Paul J. Pena - 09/10/14 08:14 PM EDT
Recent sanctions on Iran’s nuclear program (“US steps up sanctions on Iran’s nuke program,” Aug. 29) show that leaders in Tehran have no intention of cutting a deal and giving up their nuclear weapons program — they’re simply stringing us along and...
Denny Freidenrich - 09/02/14 07:40 PM EDT
I agree with Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, that the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria must be eliminated before the jihadist militia attacks America (“ISIS is one ‘plane ticket away from U.S. shores,’” Aug....
Johannes Kieding - 08/19/14 01:37 PM EDT
Right now, Massachusetts pension funds are invested in fossil fuel industries. This is wrong. We should divest from the fossil fuel industries and invest in other industries that do not contribute to climate change (“Global climate pact won’t keep...

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