Attack on Koch brothers was partisan, misleading

Readers familiar with columnist Bill Press know that his writing is partisan. However, statements he made in his recent op-ed in The Hill (“Thank a Koch brother,” Feb 2) are not only partisan, but outright wrong. Just as Mr. Press has a right to voice his opinions, we are obliged to point out his inaccurate and misleading assertions.

The premise of Mr. Press’s opinion piece (and his new book, a compilation of past dishonest and misleading posts by partisan bloggers at Think Progress) is false and irresponsible. Charles Koch and David Koch’s public policy positions are not based on hatred of President Obama, as he tries to assert. While the Kochs respect the office of the president, they respectfully disagree with the policies of the president that promote excessive government spending, uncontrolled debt and the onerous regulations that are crippling our nation.

Charles Koch and David Koch have been outspoken advocates for free markets and have a history of supporting free-market candidates, regardless of party affiliation. For nearly 50 years, they have consistently championed personal liberty and economic freedom because they believe these are essential for improving the well-being of society as a whole, especially those who are least well off. The Kochs challenge cronyism, subsidies and wasteful government spending, which are bankrupting our nation and threatening our future.

Mr. Press’s op-ed and his book are filled with errors, omissions and outright dishonesty — which we have catalogued in detail on our website, Press insists we are connected to FreedomWorks (we are not). He claims we have a stake in the Keystone pipeline (we don’t). He says we instructed our employees how to vote (also wrong). He declares that we won’t work with unions (demonstrably false). He implies that we strong-arm universities (not true). And he implies that the Kochs have participated in name-calling (also false).
We urge readers of The Hill to visit for the facts, and to treat Press’s partisan screed for what it is — an ad hominem attack without foundation.
Washington, D.C.