Roberts’s surprise ruling reflects political brilliance

Chief Justice Roberts shocked the vast majority of people in the United States by deciding in favor of the administration’s healthcare law. Roberts’s move was much more brilliant than anyone seems to give him credit for — he’s running a court accused of having a conservative power base that would certainly rule against President Obama. He is faced with a president that has basically refused to recognize the court decision to uphold the Arizona immigration law, which was unpopular with liberals. The president, a master politician, and his Department of Justice have tried everything to polarize the nation and make the court appear to be unbalanced and a political instrument. Frankly, it has been a long time since the court has had a determined case examined in the press as a matter of constitutional law rather than politics. This case is likely the most politically smart decision made by a chief justice of the United States in many years, and it reflects brilliance that becomes Roberts.

Roberts really gave the president something to stay busy with for the next four years and in doing so likely saved his court from a lot of hassles of appearing biased, allowing it to get down to business. Consider that most Americans recognize this law to be bad and that one way or another, rates for healthcare are actually going to cost us all more. Now the poor will have to pay a tax to be uninsured. Everyone will be required to pay into a system that is priced based on insurance costs to doctors — not based on prices. Roberts said in his brief that this is not constitutional in any way except as a tax, so today, let’s call it a tax. 

Roberts also made it quite hard for Obama to say the court is biased politically. In short, Roberts left Obama with nowhere to turn. This law will fail, and Obama will be blamed, as he should be. 

Do you know anyone that has actually read the healthcare law? The true cost of the bill is likely to leave the United States short of doctors and force many Americans to travel abroad to places like Thailand to buy drugs for health. Roberts can sit back and laugh, secure in knowing that he has outmaneuvered a master politician and extracted his court unscathed. At least the United States has a good chief justice. Heed his advice: His decision clearly means be careful whom you vote for — this justice will let you live with the results. It’s perhaps the best thing a court has done for democracy and the Constitution in a long time.

Conway, Ark.

Negatives of Obama’s healthcare law ignored

From Arthur Laramee

The Supreme Court’s chief justice, if he were in a college freshman class on logic, would fail the course, along with President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry ReidHarry Mason ReidDems walk tightrope on Pompeo nomination The Memo: Teens rankle the right with gun activism Dems to party: Go on offense with Trump’s alleged affairs MORE. Using this tortured logic, instead of regulating everything in our lives using the Commerce Clause, now our government can regulate everything in our lives through executive orders and penalty taxes.

While the national narrative on 
ObamaCare has swirled around the benefits that appeal to some, the negatives have been ignored: the at least 159 new agencies plus boards and commissions that require staffing, payroll and benefits and that will write thousands of regulations to control our healthcare; the 16,000 new IRS agents who will invade our lives to collect detailed information about us; the 18 tax increases and six new taxes that will suck private sector money into the public sector spending binge; the ability to force private industry and religious institutions to offer products and services that they do not want to offer.

Welcome to a brave new world. Welcome to Obama’s hope and change. Welcome to Obama’s fundamental change in America. And thank you, John Roberts, for your help. 

Surprise, Ariz.

Supreme Court opinion ushers in new normal

From Denny Freidenrich

The Supreme Court’s ruling on 
ObamaCare is just one of the many unpopular decisions it has handed down over time. Beginning with Marbury v. Madison in 1803 and Dred Scott v. Sanford in 1857, or Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 and United States v. Nixon in 1974, the current justices have, once again, weathered tremendous public pressure. Despite the dire warnings of newspaper editors in their day, and social media pundits today, no Supreme Court ruling has resulted in the downfall of the republic. We still will be a nation of laws, not to mention the greatest nation on Earth. It’s time to take a collective breath, people. The Supreme Court has ruled. There is a new American normal now.

Laguna Beach, Calif.

Government-run care necessary for Americans

Norm Grudman

According to Pew Research, 59 percent of the public is wary of government-run healthcare. For those who have parents or grandparents on Medicare, think about who would be picking up those medical bills for the old folks were it not for well-run government-administered healthcare program from, yes, the government. For those citizens who are not millionaires and probably won’t be in the future, no matter what lies your elected officials tell you, this lifeline for health and extended life would be sorely missed if not for government-run healthcare.

Boca Raton, Fla.