Avoiding Colbert is a sign of weakness and paranoia

(Regarding article, “Emanuel tells freshmen to avoid Stephen Colbert,” March 15.) I enjoy Colbert very much. He mocks conservatives and liberals alike. His demeanor is so much better than the arrogance and mean spirit of Jon Stewart. Telling Democrats to avoid Colbert is a sign of weakness and paranoia. Perhaps they may appear human?

Lake Leelanau, Mich.

Article slighted Dean

From Nancy Beale

Reporter Jonathan E. Kaplan claims, “ … Emanuel engineered the party’s takeover of the House by capitalizing on a nationalized midterm election.” Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy made it possible for Emanuel’s strategy to work. This slight to Howard Dean happens too much. Howard Dean was the mastermind and should get credit for his brilliant work.

Stanwood, Wash.

Who’s left?

From Wes Pedersen

Is there anyone left in the Bush leadership who has not been exposed as someone who either has told outright lies or is possessed of an incredibly poor memory on matters important to the state and to the public?

Chevy Chase, Md.

Bush and the firings

The prosecutors’ crime

From Sydney Parlow

Where are the people of the character of Elliot Richardson who resigned in the Nixon-Cox fiasco?

This administration fires them wholesale. Their crime(!): investigating alleged wrongdoers — oops, they happen to be Republicans.


Fire when ready

From Tom Dean

The only thing wrong with the firing of the prosecutors is that the White House is lying instead of defending their perfect right to fire at will.

Former president Clinton fired all 93 prosecutors as he came into office to put his men in the positions, again all perfectly legal. The news media must take the Democrats to task for making an issue out of nothing. And the White House must stop lying to the public.

St. Peters, Mo.