If Fox News is to be faulted, it’s for copying peers’ tactics

(Regarding Mark S. Mellman’s column, “Hounding Fox News coverage,” March 20.) It now appears to be fashionable to identify Fox News as a “conservative” news organization while at the same time earnestly asking the question, “Do the other television news broadcasters have a liberal bias?” The inability of liberals to answer this question objectively does not surprise me, as they are well known for recognizing no truths but their own.

Mr. Mellman says in his piece, “From hiring hosts to selecting stories to framing questions ... Fox demonstrates its dedication to advancing the ideological interests of the right.” These are exactly the kinds of things the liberal media have been doing for decades, so if Fox is to be faulted, it would be for adopting the tactics of its competitors.

According to Fox News, it has a major share of the news audience. I have not heard any of the other networks dispute this claim. Now, why is this? What liberal rationalization can explain away this preference of the majority of the viewing audience?

My thanks to The Hill for identifying Mr. Mellman as a Democratic lobbyist.

Purcellville, Va.

Defense of Hillary was not newsworthy

From Megan Collins

This letter is in regard to the article about Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonKentucky candidate takes heat for tweeting he'd like to use congressman for target practice Will Sessions let other 'McCabes' off the hook or restore faith in justice? Progressive group launches anti-Trump 'We the Constitution' campaign MORE’s defense of his wife and her political views (“Clinton: ‘It’s just not fair,’” March 23). …

I would just like to say first off that I am unsure of why this was even considered newsworthy. An article about what Bill thinks about Hillary should not have even been considered for publication, because of obvious reasons — one being that he is clearly biased toward her and of course he’d like her to win. ...

I would also like to say that it seems that Hillary can’t take the heat of running. She makes her decisions, and then when she gets criticized, she has to call on Bill to fix it? And your paper spread[s] it around? She obviously cannot handle this; otherwise she’d be standing by her decisions and her votes instead of using her husband to clean up her messes and defend her … It is unnecessary to depict someone so unfit to be president of this country as a victim of the people, and I believe that is what was done with this article.

West Long Branch, N.J.