Pelosi’s Syria trip wasn’t the ‘change’ voters had in mind

Although I supported a change during this last election, I’m beginning to wonder if this was the change we really wanted. I’ve never been as appalled as I am now by Nancy Pelosi going to Syria against the advice of the State Department and the president. Syria is directly responsible for the deaths of American servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan. Syria maintains three terrorists’ training camps to train terrorists to kill Israelis and Americans. Nancy Pelosi going to Syria was the most irresponsible action I’ve ever witnessed by a politician from either party. The Constitution is very clear that foreign policy is to be handled by the executive branch. By going to Syria, Nancy Pelosi showed complete disdain for the Constitution and for the president. …

~From Robert Moon, Fort Worth, Texas

100 days of roadblocks

(Regarding article, “GOP leaders label House Dems as ineffective,” April 13.) For GOP leaders to brag that Democrats have been ineffective during their first hundred days in control of Congress is a fallacious argument. The only reason bills have not had impact beyond the House is because Republicans have blocked them, either because of partisan politics or unnecessary amendments (the D.C. Voting Rights bill, for one). People should not forget that the Republican Party has been a roadblock through the first 100 days. Who, then, is to blame for the failures of these bills?

~From Zachary Bernstein, Washington, D.C.

Time to abolish Congress

After reading “What’s in a Name” by Dave Wenhold (K Street Insiders column, April 4) I am convinced! I am convinced that it is time to abolish Congress and leave the lawmaking directly with the lobbyists. A radical idea to be sure, but one with significant benefits. Billions of dollars would be saved, first in money saved on election campaign spending for 535 members of Congress, and then in money saved by doing away with one whole branch of government. This is a classic case of doing away with the middleman. Also, the lobbyists are not supported by public funds, at least not yet, and so we would get our lawmaking essentially for free. We could go back to having three branches of government instead of the present four.

~From John I. Witmer, Purcellville, Va.

Warning: Dynamic DNA

I think that it is time for the Food and Drug Administration to regulate, and inspect, pet food and vitamins. Also, animal and human food that has been genetically altered should have warning labels.

~From Chuck Mann, Greensboro, N.C.