Feinstein dealings should be investigated, publicized more

I just read David Keene’s column concerning Sen. Feinstein’s unethical (illegal?) conduct and how she helped direct military contracts to her husband’s companies (“Feinstein’s Cardinal shenanigans,” May 1). Mr. Keene closes his article as though that is the end of the story. There will be no investigation, no hearings, no nothing. Can that be true? Surely, we cannot let this woman get away with what she has done. …

~ From Jim Reinhart, Louisville, Ky.

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Truth will get out

The David Keene column about Sen. Feinstein was wonderful. … Somehow the truth will get out. …

~ From Winnie Diaz, Kew Gardens, N.Y.

Arrogance and greed

… The arrogance. The greed. … The real investigation should be, along with the corruption, is how her gang is keeping the matter out of the public eye.

~ From Winnie Diaz, Santee, Calif.

No GOP lipstick

Giuliani’s solution to illegal immigration is lipstick (The Hill website article, “Giuliani lays out immigration plan to Latino group,” May 1). Amnesty with lots of lipstick is still amnesty. Republicans will not elect a makeup artist.

~ From John Kelso, Los Angeles


Sheehan irrelevant

I don’t know why you bother to interview Cindy Sheehan (Capital Living section, May 2). She is ignorant of all except her left-wing obsession with getting Bush to stop the Iraq War.

If Bush did what Sheehan and the left-wing wackos are demanding and pulled all U.S. troops out of Iraq immediately, the bloodbath that would follow in the Middle East would exceed the bloodbath of 3 million dead in Southeast Asia when we pulled out of Vietnam in 1975. Then Sheehan and her left-wing buddies would blame Bush for listening to them and allowing the slaughter. Sheehan can say and do whatever she pleases because what she says and does is irrelevant. What Bush does with the Iraq situation will have far-reaching consequences.

That’s the difference between being Sheehan and being the commander in chief. Sheehan can be as brain-addled as she chooses; the commander in chief has to make real-life decisions about real-life situations.

~ From Patrick Curry, Irvine, Calif.