Immigration deal unfeasible; alternative idea would work

The recent planned immigration legislation that resulted from bipartisan meetings in the Senate is wanting.

I just don’t see how it has a chance of working. Basically, the solution is for illegals to pay $5,000 in fines, continue working with a legitimate green card and then return to their homeland for a minimum period of one year.

I understand that the average wage of an illegal is $8 to $10 an hour. I know people earning twice that who do not have
$5,000. Do these senators actually believe that an illegal will come up with $5,000 cash and then agree to stay here for just two years and leave for a year? Pipe dream! I don’t believe it will happen, so I came up with my own solution that I believe is workable.

First of all, the borders must be shut down to illegals. Then a plan can be put into effect. All illegals should be issued a green card, a legitimate Social Security number to track earnings, and be allowed to stay here as long as all of our laws are obeyed. A fine can be levied, and $5,000 as an arbitrary figure works from my point of view. Also, everyone issued a green card will be required to do 10 hours of public service work per month for a specified period of time. Just think of what can be accomplished if 12 million people did 10 hours of public service work every month. Municipal budgets would finally get a break and nonprofit organizations could better serve our communities.

It should be a requirement that American business stop printing labels with two languages, and English be made the official language. Illegals must speak English to qualify for a green card, and to retain that card they must prove they can read and write English within one year of card issuance.

Finally, the only family an illegal can bring to this country are spouse and minor children — no parents, adult children, aunts, uncles or cousins.

~From Wil Toole, Pittston, Pa.


Send them home
Bush may be ready to sign this plan into effect on the illegals, but we in this house do not support any of this. These illegals are just low-key criminals that need to be sent back home.

If the companies in this country want to use these Mexicans for farm labor, let them petition the borders for more seasonal workers to be able to get in. If they are crawling across the borders illegally, then they need to be treated like the criminals they are.

We viewed an illegal in a house last night that is fearful of being deported. She had a nicer house and kitchen than we do.
How does that happen?

~From Ed Crawford, Hillsboro, Ore.

Send them to Iraq
What I think they need to pass is a bill that states that any illegal caught in the United States who is 18 years old or older will automatically be given a job — becoming a recruit in the Iraq army for five years. Their wives and children would be allowed to remain in the U.S. as long as the recruit sent his paycheck to support them. After the recruit has completed the five years, he and his immediate family would be eligible for citizenship.

~From Daniel Younger, Itasca, Texas