Mexican consulates in U.S. are aiding illegal immigrants

Once again, U.S. citizens have to tolerate the threatening words from another “friendly” Mexican president. This time it’s barely elected Felipe Calderon regarding Mexican illegal aliens in the United States. In his Sept. 2 state-of-the-nation address, Calderon stated he would “energetically protest unilateral actions” of the U.S. Congress on immigration that exacerbate the prosecution of undocumented Mexicans in the U.S. He boasted that Mexican consulates in the U.S. have been buttressed to protect the rights of millions of Mexicans living there illegally. “Wherever there is a Mexican,” he said, “that is Mexico.”

Unable to give this brazen speech to Mexico’s Congress because of hostile legislators, Calderon was embarrassed into using a safer backup site. What bravado to openly tell Americans that Mexican consulates are being used not to promote trade between our nations, but instead to dole out legal advice to lawbreaking illegal aliens from Mexico. Mexico has far too many consulates in the U.S. — 45 and counting — and they are spreading as the tide of illegal Mexicans heads farther north from the border, taking American jobs and government social services.

Time to shut down this long-running Mexican scam by putting an immediate freeze on Mexican consulate openings. Current consulates should be consolidated — there are at least 10 in California alone. Hurry up and build the security fence along the Mexican border before Calderon tries to give his next state-of-the-nation address in front of our Congress in Washington, D.C. — “that is Mexico”!

Rockville, Md.

Mark WarnerMark WarnerReport: Senate Intel Committee asks agencies to keep records related to Russian probe Comey meets Intel senators amid uproar over Trump-Russia ties Senate advances Trump's Commerce pick MORE should run for governor, not senator
From Jim Davin

Mark Warner has a big decision coming up. The former governor of Virginia must decide which office he will run for: senator or governor.

When Warner was governor, he won rave reviews, which sparked rumors that he would run for president. He didn’t do that, but currently he has two prime opportunities.

Incumbent Gov. Tim KaineTim KaineMattis on rise in Trump administration Senate advances Trump's Commerce pick Steve Mnuchin, foreclosure king, now runs your US Treasury MORE is term-limited, and with Sen. John Warner set to retire, Mark Warner would be the front-runner in the race to succeed him.

But a Senate run may not be the best course of action if Warner wishes to ever become president. The last senator to win the White House was John F. Kennedy in 1960. Senators just don’t do well in presidential elections.

Virginia asks: Do governors win the White House if senators don’t? Yes Virginia, governors win the White House. Four of the last five presidents were governors before they were presidents. All four of these men never served in the Senate.

Clearly, if Warner wants to become president, he must run for governor in 2009 rather than senator in 2008.