Fire Franking Commission’s Republican staff for ‘strike’

(Regarding article, “GOP Franking Commission staff cry foul,” Oct. 2.) As a retired federal worker who remembers the mass firings of the air traffic controllers by President Ronald Reagan I am shocked and dismayed that the Republicans/minority staff of the Franking Commission weren’t fired, as it is illegal for the U.S. government workers, especially those serving on Capitol Hill of all places (who serve at the members’ pleasure) to strike.

No wonder Congress has an even lower approval rating than President Bush. No Guts! Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) did nothing and ranking member Vernon Ehlers of Michigan (R) did nothing as well. Did Ehlers approve of this strike? If so, he should be run out of town as well for letting his pathetic staff run rampant and waste the taxpayers’ dollars.

Are my tax dollars being spent on government wages for employees on strike? Were these lame, gutless workers paid to sit on their hands for these days while on strike? I want a refund from them! Where is the leadership of this committee and who is running this ship of fools for the Republicans? Who is their counsel for this committee? What kind of advice was given, if any, to these employees?

Fire them all!

Oxon Hill, Md.

Packing ’em in
From Myles B. Caggins III

(Regarding article, “Obama rallies black activists to confront climate change,” Sept. 28.) You wrote: “Clinton drew a packed audience, including many college-aged and young activists. Obama’s crowd appeared to be older, but the room was just as packed.”

While true, your statement implies that the senators were in equal-size rooms. Clearly the room for Sen. Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaOvernight Cybersecurity: What we learned from Carter Page's House Intel testimony | House to mark up foreign intel reform law | FBI can't access Texas shooter's phone | Sessions to testify at hearing amid Russia scrutiny Russian social media is the modern-day Trojan horse Trump records robo-call for Gillespie: He'll help 'make America great again' MORE’s (D-Ill.) forum was three times as large as the Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) session. I attended both. Additionally, the Clinton forum was for “Emerging (young) Leaders” versus Obama’s session for the general audience.

Finally, I saw Obama ’08 buttons and stickers on 10 times as many people wearing the Clinton brand.


Giant step forward
From Kevork Kalayjian

The House Foreign Relations Committee’s 27-21 vote on H. R. 106, acknowledging the Armenian genocide, is a giant step forward for a more perfect democracy here in the United States of America and in the context of our image in the world both for our allies and for our adversaries.

This is the greatest gesture of love and respect to the Turkish people. Our NATO brother-in-arms should know that, just as David Kaczynski brought his brother Theodore John Kaczynski (The Unabomber) to justice, America will not stand idle for deniers of genocide.

It is a shame that the present administration still opposes this important human rights achievement. It is a disgrace that there are still people amongst us who see no harm in denying a crime for profit.

This administration and its supporters marched into the White House as the defenders of the faith and the family values. They turned up to be a pack of wolves ready to sell America’s honor to criminals.

Palisades, N.Y.