Public shut out of hearing on Mukasey as others got in

At Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee discussion and vote on attorney general nominee Michael Mukasey, the room was, apparently, filled with reporters and any number of staffers not attached to committee members, the latter given preferential treatment. No more than nine members of the public, those standing in line, were admitted before the rest were told that the room was “absolutely filled.” Twenty-three more “special” persons were then admitted to the absolutely filled room. Those in line were offered a TV room, but in the words of one torture survivor unable to enter, “I didn’t come here to watch TV.”


Kooky impeachment

From Karen Norton


(Regarding article, “GOP turns impeachment resolution against Dems,” Nov. 7.) Congratulations to Rep. John Shadegg (R-Ariz.) for coming up with a way to highlight the kooks in the Democrat Party. Let’s bring those submissions up for a real vote and see where the real support is for these frivolous and kooky ideas.

Raleigh, N.C.

Got mad cow milk?

From Retired Navy Lt. Cmdr. Howard B. Mirken


(Regarding article, “Terrorists are ‘running out of people to kill,’” says Obey,” Nov. 6.) Rep. David Obey (D-Wis.) deserves a prize — no, not the Nobel Peace Prize, although he has just put himself in the same league with Yasser Arafat and Jimmy Carter — but the Dumbbell Prize for the most idiotic statement by a politician in recorded history.

No targets left? With over 25 million Iraqis left, there must be one or two. But the real reason for the decrease in violence is that there are fewer and fewer opportunities. Does this make Obey half right or just a half-wit? Or maybe he’s an illegal immigrant who lacks command of the English language. Or is Wisconsin serving mad cow milk?

Bangkok, Thailand

How I shudder

From Edith A. Keenan


When I read the article “Clinton goes green with energy plan” (Nov. 5) I thought I had recently seen a very similar proposal. Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) says her plan “...could create up to 5 million jobs.” In the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on Nov. 2, Bill ClintonWilliam (Bill) Jefferson ClintonSenate Dems’ campaign chief ‘welcomes’ midterm support from Clintons On North Korea, give Trump some credit The mainstream media — the lap dogs of the deep state and propaganda arm of the left MORE was quoted as telling mayors at a Seattle conference on Thursday that “… fighting global warming was a chance to create good jobs and give an economic boost to the middle class.” I just thought it was interesting that both Clintons have come up with very similar plans just three days apart! Oh, how I shudder to think of the two of them maybe being back in the White House!

Lake Stevens, Wash.