Explaining why some blacks relate to controversial sermon

(Regarding article, “Former ambassador defends Obama on Wright controversy,” March 17.) Please allow me, a hard-working, 53-year-old black, American female, a chance to explain why my generation and my parents’ generation understand the bitterness and anger demonstrated in the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s so-called un-American, racist sermon.

Perhaps if a few hundred years ago, our United States Congress had not referred to us as “beast of the field,” a term lifted from the Bible justifying slavery, many white Americans for generations to come would not have followed suit. (Rev. Wright’s reference to blacks being labeled non-human can be found in the Congressional Record, the daily diary of Congress.)

Perhaps if our United States Congress had dealt with these never-ending race issues on a national level by forming a Race Relations Committee, like the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, some of our race problems would have been resolved or understood better instead of swept under the carpet.

Perhaps if our United States Congress had delivered an apology for slavery when it ended over 145 years ago, or even after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was finally passed, we as a nation would have a better footing today. By the way, the first Civil Rights Act was introduced in 1864. It took our leaders 100 years to pass it.

Last but not least, perhaps if our United States Congress had given my parents’ generation reparations for slavery and Jim Crow decades ago [like other groups receiving such reparations] perhaps more black Americans would own their own homes, and the black family and communities, as a whole, would be less dysfunctional.




From Mary Boren-Brown

James Carville is the hitman for the Hillary camp to keep all the other superdelegate insiders “in line.” His aggressive and persistent attack on Bill Richardson is intended to send a clear message to all the other superdelegates presumed to be loyal to Hillary and Bill, that they better not even think of defecting or they will have the wrath of Clinton and Carville et al. on their backs.

How many are as brave as Gov. Richardson? And this is a campaign issue regarding presidential leadership. If this is the M.O. of the Clinton camp, how are they going to negotiate deals with Republicans?

Will it be only with Democrats blindly loyal to their power? Will they be able to get out of exchanging power for deals? Of course not, and this method of leadership requires hiding agendas and information.

Which leads to Hillary’s Bosnia “misspeaking.” She is a fabricator, and has major credibility problems. She cannot be trusted to play it straight with the American people. Her power is acquired through misrepresentation of critical information, and exchanging major deals for power, that we will never know about.

Norman, Okla.