Hillary’s entreaty reminiscent of Nixon’s ‘Checkers’ speech

Regarding Sam Youngman’s article, “Clinton: ‘No decisions tonight’” (website, June 3), describing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s (D-N.Y.) non-dropout speech, I believe Hillary’s calling for her supporters to e-mail their suggestions for her next move was a key element of the speech. It was similar to Richard Nixon’s “Checkers” speech after attempts were made to force him off the ticket as Ike’s veep candidate.

Just as Eisenhower was forced against his wish to accept Nixon after the public’s overwhelmingly positive response to Nixon’s plea for the Republican National Committee to keep him on the ticket, I suspect that Hillary’s gambit will at the least make it more difficult for Obama not to accept Hillary on the ticket.

Walnut Creek, Calif.

Lack of voting rights not foremost concern

From Darren McKinney

Rather than throw good money after bad in the delusional pursuit of congressional voting representation (article, “Lobbyists gear up for push to get voting rights for D.C.,” June 3), the D.C. City Council and others would be well-advised to turn their attention, energy and available funds to dramatically reducing the high out-of-wedlock birthrates among District blacks and Latinos.

Regardless of which party controls Congress, lawmakers from across the country will simply not carry much water for D.C. voting rights, to say nothing of statehood. Ridiculous news stories throughout my 20 years as a District resident have routinely reported renewed resolve, new strategies and spirited rallies on the part of D.C.’s vote seekers, yet nothing has or will come of it. If we really want to make a difference in the lives of the arguably oppressed and disenfranchised, let’s teach them that having babies before they’re ready dooms them and their innocent offspring to lives of deprivation, ignorance and second-class citizenship.


Coburn should name names

From Ken Schaub

(Regarding article, “Coburn: We ‘deserve’ to lose seats,” May 29.) Sen. Tom CoburnThomas (Tom) Allen CoburnPaul Ryan should realize that federal earmarks are the currency of cronyism Republicans in Congress shouldn't try to bring back earmarks Republicans should know reviving earmarks is a political nightmare MORE’s (R-Okla.) recent rant about how Republicans deserve to lose seats in this election caught my attention in one regard. He claims that many of those who go along with the liberal Democrats and who vote in favor of pork spending, etc., have lost their courage.

So why doesn’t Coburn have the courage to name names? His opinion, of course, but courage starts at home, Mr. Coburn.

Charleston, S.C.