Republicans favoring Obama are active at grassroots level

Bob Cusack discusses prominent Republicans for Obama in his July 24 article “Campaign is coordinating a blitz by the ‘Obamacans.’” Just as important is the grassroots effort of people like me, RFOs who are simply regular people who have chosen to think independently of partisanship and vote for Obama for president in this election.
Last night my wife and I hosted a Central Indiana Republicans for Obama in-home social. A couple dozen supporters showed up, including some of the Illinois Democratic senator’s campaign staffers, to show support for our nonpartisan efforts. Susan Eisenhower [a Republican author and business consultant who publicly supports Obama] called in to encourage us. It was a great meeting and helped us all enjoy the fellowship of like-minded free thinkers who may not agree with Obama on every issue, but see him as the new direction this country needs.
Westfield, Ind.

Leave speed limits alone

From Nydra Karlen
(Regarding “Sen. Warner calls on energy secretary to study 55 mph speed limit” and related July coverage in The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room.) Sen. John Warner (R-Va.), lead the way in showing your commitment to reduced dependence on gasoline by submitting this bill: All autos, including taxis and limousines, within D.C., Maryland and Virginia found using their air conditioning system this August are subject to immediate confiscation. Any vehicles with their windows closed are suspect and subject to search and seizure without warrant. Reducing our dependence on foreign oil for our creature comforts is every bit as heinous as drug residue on cash, so the Fourth Amendment does not apply.
Exempting mass transit should cause ridership to mushroom, ending gridlock and the crime of idling. A vehicle found idling while running the air conditioning subjects the driver to harsh punishment over and above the seizure of the vehicle. Mandatory minimums apply.
After August enforcement proves that the concept is sound, and how much gasoline can be conserved, air conditioning prohibition can move on to other states.
Next, Sen. Warner, I recommend targeting cruise control, which is also known to reduce gas mileage.
But please, leave the people in Nebraska (500 miles across) and our speed limits alone. Time is money!
Bellevue, Neb.

As dollar goes, so goes U.S.

From Norm Grudman
I just walked around Tanger Outlets mall in Riverhead, N.Y., which used to be one of the country’s most successful high-end outlet centers. There were few people shopping, and none spoke English. They were Europeans, Japanese, South Americans and many others I could not identify.
Thanks to the weak dollar that seems to have no bottom, the U.S. is being bought cheap by foreigners. A hamburger and drink in England cost $35, a crepe in Paris was $26 — and those were the best deals in town.
Anyone who cares for this country, its security and wellbeing, should be outraged that within eight years we have become a Third World country. It doesn’t matter which party is in control; our most precious assets are being sold for a fraction of their worth, and we are no longer the America that I grew up in.
If we do not support our currency and make our assets fairly priced on the world market, life as we now know it may become extinct.
Mattituck, N.Y.