Racial component in protests of election outcome: 2 views

(Regarding article “Police prepare for unrest,” Oct. 22.) This dynamic as it is being played out in police departments across the U.S. has a decidedly racist overtone, focusing as it does on fears of black-community unrest. I know many a white person who would take to the streets simply to gather and make a statement, whether the election is perceived as stolen or not, and no matter which side wins. While outraged white liberals would be plentiful, many on the far right — who are predominantly white —actually believe such things as the idea that Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaAll five living former presidents to attend hurricane relief concert Overnight Health Care: Schumer calls for tying ObamaCare fix to children's health insurance | Puerto Rico's water woes worsen | Dems plead for nursing home residents' right to sue Interior moves to delay Obama’s methane leak rule MORE is the Antichrist, with the end of the world at stake.

We saw incredibly ugly, intimidating white crowds in Florida from the right wing during the 2000 recounts. That precedent is already there, and the right wing even now is ratcheting up its own theories about how the election may be stolen from them through voter fraud. I fear that even beyond election-week troubles, we’re likely to see continuing unrest from one side or the other for some time to come after this election. The GOP strategy of dividing to conquer, after decades at work, may be about to reap what it has sown, to the detriment of us all.

Knoxville, Tenn.


Crack down on rioting; Blame ACORN, Dems

From Robert Moon

It’s a pretty sad statement about American society that we’ll riot and destroy the community when our candidate loses an election. If Barack Obama loses it won’t be because of cheating on the part of Republicans. George W. Bush never cheated to beat Al GoreAl GoreCNN to host town hall featuring Nancy Pelosi Tucker Carlson: Calling others 'racist' used to be a 'big deal' West Coast states eye early presidential primaries   MORE or John KerryJohn Forbes KerryFor the sake of national security, Trump must honor the Iran deal Bernie Sanders’s 1960s worldview makes bad foreign policy DiCaprio: History will ‘vilify’ Trump for not fighting climate change MORE but the Democrats caused a major division in our country by making false claims over and over again. Should the Democrats and the media cry foul over an Obama loss, they should be held liable for any damage caused from the rioting.

This is America — our elections are the cleanest in the world. The only major fraud so far has been committed by Democrats and ACORN. In 2004 it was the Democrats who fraudulently registered voters in Chicago, St. Louis and Philadelphia. In 2000 it was the Democrats in Florida who screwed up the ballots and then blamed Bush. If the Democrats continue lying and stoking the fires of unrest, they should be removed from office and charged with making terrorist threats. At the first hint of rioting on the part of anybody the police should put the hammer down because this could develop into a racial problem real fast.

Fort Worth, Texas

Has ring of excess to it

From Tom Sundstrom

(Regarding article “iPhones are a must-have for Congress,” Oct. 22.) I find it incredulous that the whims of legislators would dictate unnecessary government spending in these difficult economic times. Albeit the legislators will have to pay for the phones out of their own budgets, but I wonder if the hidden costs of technical support, and the learning curve required of personnel, are considered in the chargebacks to using members. Although the dollar amount is relatively small in the totality of the federal budget, in the long run it is yet another incremental cost to the taxpayers. When does the silly spending stop?

Vincentown, N.J.

Mullen is right

From Al Sartor

(Regarding article “Joint Chiefs chairman: Afghanistan getting worse,” Oct. 9.) Adm. Mike Mullen is correct — we need to invest more money in Afghanistan. More troops in Afghanistan is not the answer. We had the right idea at the start: Beef up the CIA, backed up by a limited number of Special Forces troops, and spend whatever is needed to encourage and enable tribal leaders to assist us to accomplish the mission.

Walnut Creek, Calif.