Our system and our people put me at ease with Obama

I am an unaffiliated voter who feels John McCain is the better choice for president, but I easily accept the alternative. I see no blood in the streets as Barack Obama gets elected president.

Our Congress won’t allow Obama to dictate national policy. The moderates in Congress in both parties — and they’re a majority — will surely keep a short leash on Obama if he starts pushing un-American ideals.

And our people? The people surely won’t allow our nation to veer off into some terrorist direction based on Obama’s alleged past relations. Surely there would be contingents from all over the nation that will scream alarm at the first sign of subversion.

Let Obama in. There are checks and balances in our system of government, thanks to our Founding Fathers and the diligence of the people’s voices.

Garwood, N.J.

Democrats hurt U.S. on purpose

From Robert Moon

(Regarding article “Republican says Dems want ‘public to suffer,’” Oct. 22.) Rep. Randy Kuhl (R-N.Y.) is telling the truth. Of course the Democrats have been hurting the economy on purpose in order to get more votes. The Democrats have been using this tactic for eight years to damage President Bush; they’ve just had better success the last two because of their congressional majority.

The Democrats have spent the last several years prolonging the war in Iraq so they could blame Bush.

Fortunately they couldn’t keep victory from our military forever. The Democrats passed bills that caused a recession at the end of Bill Clinton’s presidency so they could blame Bush. The only problem was, when Bush lowered taxes it made the economy boom. So all we heard for the next four years is how only the rich benefited from the tax cut and how Bush lied about the war — only it was the Democrats telling the lies.

People need to realize the Democrats don’t care about anything but power and if that means making us miserable or losing a few thousand soldiers in Iraq to give them that power, well, that’s OK.

Everything they say is a lie that is intended to hurt their opponents and make them more powerful.

Fort Worth, Texas

Un-American trio

From Brian Iller

We can only hope that Reps. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Robin Hayes (R-N.C.) and Randy Kuhl (R-N.Y.) lose their reelection bids. They are the “un-Americans.” They are the ones who truly hate America, which was founded on freedom of conscience and freedom of speech.

They need to find another nation where they can set up their own little neo-fascist, pseudo-Christian, single-party dictatorship to govern narrow-minded people just like themselves. Then they won’t have to be bothered by people who actually think for themselves and might disagree with their party line.

Richland, Wash.

Selfish voter

From Richard O’Brien

I am voting for Barack Obama not to fight a centuries-old injustice or to be on the right side of history.

No, my vote is much more selfish: I am voting for the Illinois senator to fight an eight-year injustice and make sure we are on the right side of our future.

Our country deserves the change that only Obama can deliver — he is the personification of the American dream, and I believe his election will ensure that this precious dream will be preserved for us all.

Washougal, Wash.

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