Out of touch with Huckabee — and ‘Huck’s Army’ as well

Leave it to the Washington press corps to pontificate on what a candidate or former candidate’s interim occupation should or should not be to preclude another, yet-to-be-announced presidential run.

Such is the case with Dr. David Hill’s column, “Huckabee’s gig fraught with danger” (March 4). Perhaps Dr. Hill simply missed a few of the more pertinent facts regarding former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s activities outside of his hit Fox News Channel show “Huckabee.”

For instance, Dr. Hill missed “The Vertical Politics Institute,” initiated by Huckabee to inform, educate and introduce new voters to the political process, thereby empowering them to become involved in it.

Perhaps also overlooked is the fact that Huck’s Army (hucksarmy.com), the same group of dedicated grassroots activists responsible for organizing and catapulting Huckabee onto the national stage from the Iowa straw poll, is still a viable and continuously growing constituency.

Unlike Mitt Romney, who narrowly topped Huckabee in the GOP primary while his campaign outspent Huckabee’s 10 to 1, Huckabee doesn’t have the millions of dollars backing him to finance some “in-between gig” as a philanthropic venture. While some have promised a different approach to governance, Huckabee has demonstrated that coming within inches of a presidential nomination isn’t about how many dollars one has, but how many committed voters one has on Election Day.

The “breeze” to which Dr. Hill refers may be merely the initial sign of political winds blowing in a new direction in 2012.

Fort Thomas, Ky.

Sebelius and the abortion debate

From Grant Brooke, executive director, Matthew 25 Network

Your article “Sebelius to face questions over abortion” (March 1) contains a number of shortcomings I would like to address.

Health and Human Services secretary nominee Kathleen SebeliusKathleen SebeliusMr. President, let markets help save Medicare IRS Tax Day glitch exposes antiquated tech infrastructure Trump administration's reforms could make welfare work again MORE has been one of the nation’s leading proponents of abortion reduction throughout her tenure as Kansas governor. Her policies have dropped the abortion rate, dropped the teen pregnancy rate and raised the number of adoptions in Kansas well beyond the national trends. The fact that even the Senate’s No. 1 trumpeter of a “pro-life” agenda, Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), has come out in support of Sebelius shows how far on the extremes of the pro-life community her opposition is coming from.

Kansas Republicans are not commenting on her abortion record because they know the actual record. I don’t know how a piece that concentrates so much on the Dr. George Tiller story cannot mention the fact that Sebelius’s attorney general prosecuted Dr. Tiller; or, for that matter, fail to mention the hard facts surrounding her abortion reduction policies.

Tony Perkins, Patrick Mahoney and Troy Newman speak for a small but vocal Christian minority. Simply look at last year’s exit polls as evidence for the dwindling of their political clout. Christians, across denominational lines, are coming together — as Kathleen Sebelius has done in Kansas — to end these useless culture wars by reaching common, practical ground in facing our nation’s unwanted pregnancy issues.


Gun distraction

From J.B. Kim

(Regarding article, “NRA forces Pelosi retreat,” March 4.) First it was Sen. John Ensign’s (R-Nev.) amendment to the Senate D.C voting rights bill, which, among other things, strips the D.C. City Council of all power to make any laws to regulate firearms. Now the House is experiencing difficulty coming up with a clean D.C. voting rights bill — that is, one with no gun amendment.

What a stroke of genius to divert attention from equality and D.C. self-government and instead get Congress to spend time arguing about guns and the Second Amendment. One might wonder, where does Congress find the time to address rising unemployment, huge salaries for healthcare insurance executives while healthcare costs continue to rise, the occupation of Iraq, increased U.S. bombings in Afghanistan, continuing foreclosures and increasing military suicides?

Let there be no mistake: The real and only point of the D.C. voting rights bill is equality and full citizenship rights.


A zookeeper — no joke

From Wes Pedersen

President Obama has decided to nominate John Berry, the head of the National Zoo, to ride herd on the country’s federal employees as director of the Office of Personnel Management. That surely is raw meat for Jay Leno but the symbolism will dismay the millions of dedicated federal workers who for too long have been portrayed by public scolds as idlers in need of taming.

Chevy Chase, Md.