Lawmakers insincere, gutless on Mexico border clampdown

(Regarding article “Emergency Hill hearings on swine flu,” April 28.) Ha, I say. Why does Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) want the border closed? It’s obvious he wants to make headlines for himself.

Why close the border now? Could it be for the well-being of the country? If it were, the border would have been closed a long time ago.

What circumstances could possibly arise that would prompt this administration (or past administrations) to close the border? There are absolutely none. Why? Because very few politicians are willing to take on this issue for fear of losing their popularity with some of their constituency and fellow politicians, and in addition, very few are willing to defy the political correctness that has stifled our reasoning and freedom of speech. There are very few politicians willing to sacrifice their ego on this issue in turn for their office.

We are now a nation of lawlessness. Illegal immigration en masse and all the unintended and intended consequences that go along when you compromise the sovereignty of our country have hurt us beyond measure.

Santa Monica, Calif.

Border comment OK for Massa, not GOP

From Mike McAdoo

Can you imagine the flurry in the press were it to have been a GOP congressman rather than a New York Democrat (Rep. Eric Massa) suggesting that the U.S.-Mexico border be closed for reasons such as the swine flu or, better yet, crime?

Perhaps former Rep. J.D. Hayworth (R-Ariz.) may be vindicated yet for having the temerity, or better yet, the courage of his conviction, when he pointed out that there were valid concerns about a porous border and the dangers that accompanied such a situation.

One only has to recall some years ago that the East Coast press and D.C. establishment paid no heed to the smuggling of illegals until a ship filled with illegal aliens ran aground on Long Island. Then it was front-page news.

San Francisco

Kos unfettered

From Fred Rawlings

(Regarding column “Poor, poor pitiful GOP,” April 22.) I understand that Markos Moulitsas may write his column completely unfettered, and I am familiar with his politics. However, I feel that using the phrase “racist uncle” should trigger some editor’s note when directed at a particular party — that is, the Republicans.

This is a generalized ad hominem attack in my view. It deserves some editorial comment from a mainstream publication like The Hill.

Lexington, Ky.



Jobs program for thugs

From Howard J. Wooldridge, education specialist, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition

(Regarding article “Pot legalization favored by some to stem violence,” April 19.) If I understand Calvina Fay correctly, we should continue marijuana prohibition as a jobs program for thugs. She said the Mexican cartels will “not fall in line” if we legalized.

Based on my 18 years of police experience, there is only one headline that will strike terror into the hearts of the Mexican cartels: “Congress repeals modern prohibition.” What Calvina Fay said was sweet music to their ears.


Message in the bottle

From Ralph Givens

Legalizing marijuana would instantly deprive Mexican drug cartels of more than half their income. Drug gangs would take a tremendous hit in income and their ability to wage war against each other and the Mexican government would be reduced considerably.

It’s worth remembering that Eliot Ness didn’t put the bootleggers out of business. Ness never slowed the flow of beer and whisky by one iota. Repeal of prohibition and a regulated market for adult alcohol use ended criminal control of the alcohol market and we haven’t had a bombing or shootout over a beer route since 1933.

Daly City, Calif.

Good riddance, Benedict Arlen!

From Serafin Quintanar Jr.

(Regarding article “Sen. Specter bolts GOP, becomes Democrat,” The Hill website, and related site coverage.) Sen. Arlen Specter said it himself in his “Now my betrayal is complete” statement Tuesday.

He is switching because he knows he would lose in the 2010 GOP primary and his only chance at holding onto power is to become a Democrat. By switching, he becomes a Democrat darling and makes it to the general election. In true insider fashion, he only cares about his job and his power.

He should be aware that the conservative backlash awaits him now. The GOP coffers in Pennsylvania will overflow with cash to defeat him come 2010. I would not be surprised if conservatives even prop up a Democrat to defeat him in the primary, a la Operation Chaos!

Good riddance, Benedict Arlen!

Fresno, Calif.