At odds with GOP, Steele could help lead Tea Party

Steele sums up the discontent that is roiling across the economically scorched American landscape with his comment that the Tea Party “puts in stark relief” the fear and anger Americans feel when they hear the Democrats’ propaganda claiming American prosperity still exists via federal government benevolence.

The Tea Party’s restoration of our representative government exerts a powerful effect on a populace that feels ignored and subjected to foreign and domestic policies crafted by President Bush and now President Obama.  Unlike the contemporary Republican and Democrat parties, which have sold their souls to gain power in Washington, the Tea Party reasserts that the loci of power reside in  “We the people …” and not in presidential administrations and Congress.

Fullerton, Calif.

Support NAT Gas Act

From Regina Hopper, president and CEO, America’s Natural Gas Alliance

As our country strives to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, Congress and states across the country should encourage the increased use of clean, low-carbon natural gas in vehicles.

Natural gas is the cleanest alternative transportation fuel that is commercially available today.  America now has vast domestic supplies of natural gas to power our nation for generations to come. And since 98 percent of the natural gas used in America is produced in North America, broader utilization of natural gas will bolster our nation’s energy security while reducing our carbon footprint and creating thousands of jobs. As the debate on energy and climate change continues, I urge Congress to support the NAT Gas Act (S. 1408), and policymakers nationwide to recognize the pivotal and much more expansive role that natural gas can and should play.