Term limits may be only answer

The November elections are quickly approaching. We see and hear the president as he continues to promote his healthcare success and aid his party, whose message, unfortunately, is not very clear. 

The competition across the aisle are more organized, have a message and walk in lockstep to achieve their goals. It is remarkable that the GOP, with 41 votes, is in charge of the Senate. 

Why weren’t the Democrats as cohesive and powerful when they were the minority, and can’t even govern when they hold a majority? 

I always said the Republicans are best at campaigning, creating their own reality and making the voters believe them. The last perfect example is the Wall Street regulation attempt that has been under cut by false statements. A permanent bailout bill for banks” — blatantly untrue, but Republicans are succeeding with this sleight-of-hand governance.

The only real problem is when they do get elected, they destroy the fabric of the middle class for their friends that give them campaign contributions, take the country into wars and expand poverty for middle-class citizens. They are great at getting in office, but are terrible at governing.

I suggest that the only way to have any chance at a government that represents We the People is to have term limits. Two and out. They would be less likely to do bidding for their money masters if they don’t need perpetual campaign contributions.

Delray Beach, Fla.