Pursue American ideals and deflate big government

Philosopher Karl Marx predicted the first adoption of communism by a country would fail for the simple fact it would be rooted in material redistribution instead of being a spiritual, collective commitment.

Harvard historian Niall Ferguson’s essay challenged the idea that all civilizations follow a slow bell shaped curve of rise and eventual slow decline. Supported by historical documents and archeological evidence, Ferguson proved many civilizations simply die in their prime from a heart attack caused by bad governance.

Bad governance is evidenced by a disregard for peace and prosperity. Our own government is draining away our resources into a two-front protracted war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates says it will take at least another five years to resolve the war on terror. On the domestic front, our government rescues the most corrupt financial institutions on Wall Street, the incompetently run General Motors and unfairly competes with private enterprise with its health care bill and stimulus bill.

Protracted wars, expansion of social welfare programs and corporate welfare all require money. Because our government is committed to bad governance, it is inevitable the VAT tax must occur along with an increase in existing taxes. 

President Obama’s bread and bomb policies that try to feed while it watches us bleed may cause our American civilization to suddenly drop dead.

The Tea Party movement might not become a viable political force. Yet, it might make our current representatives at all levels in government wise up to the fact that if they want to remain politicians then they must protect the individual’s ability to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness by deflating big, bad governance. 

Helen Tackett, Fullerton, California
If everyone carried IDs, officers wouldn’t ‘profile’

Instead of fighting the Arizona Law, people should try to make it work. If a police officer asks me for identification, I am required to answer the question.

Why should he guess about my citizenship. If everyone carries proper identification, then officers are not practicing “profiling,” and we will all be safer.

Keith A. Farnham, Fairview, Pa.

Jobs bring immigrants to our country illegally

Who would work in the hot sun all day, doing stoop labor to pick our crops? You? Who would work in sweatshops under horrific conditions for long hours sewing our clothes? You?

There would not be illegals here if there were no work. Employers of illegals need to be fined a very large sum, put in jail for six months and have their property seized by the government for a year. That includes individuals that hire gardeners and housekeepers. No work, no illegals.

Employers need to pay a living wage and hire U.S. citizens. Can’t afford to? Then perhaps you shouldn’t be in business.

Alisha Rodrigues, Tetonia, Idaho