Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) - 11/25/14 08:00 AM EST
As Americans gather at their Thanksgiving table this month and join in the annual Black Friday sales, there are thousands of people who will be left out of this holiday cheer.  They are far away from their families, serving lengthy sentences...
Mark J. Rozell - 11/21/14 09:00 AM EST
President Barack Obama’s resort to executive action on immigration has set off a firestorm of criticism for overreaching in the exercise of his powers. Constitutional scholars as well as the partisan critics are now weighing in as to whether the...
Arthur F. Kirk Jr., Melinda S. Clark - 11/19/14 07:50 PM EST
Congress has hijacked the discussions around federal student loans, asserting that they are somehow a burden to the government. Considering they generate more than $50 billion in revenue annually, nothing could be further from the truth. Most...
Linda Dempsey - 11/18/14 07:14 PM EST
Manufacturers are fighting to rebound from the recession and grow opportunities and jobs, yet they still face congressional inaction on even the most bipartisan pieces of legislation, including the Miscellaneous Tariff Bill (MTB).While the most...
former National Security Adviser Gen. James Jones (ret.) and Pawel Olechnowicz - 11/21/14 10:00 AM EST
Twenty-five years after Poland's Solidarity and other dissident movements brought about the collapse of the Berlin Wall and promised a reunified Europe, the continent's political map suggests that this vision has been largely fulfilled. ...
Ben Carnes - 11/19/14 08:01 PM EST
As the frigid winter air begins to descend upon Ukraine, it is accompanied this year by a different chill from the north, as Russian President Vladimir Putin last week sent additional columns of tanks, artillery and combat troops into sovereign...
Malcolm Woolf - 11/19/14 07:29 PM EST
Since the release of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan in June, some interests have predicted that compliance would be difficult, costly and disruptive to the electric power system. Advanced Energy Economy has a different...
Sheila Weinberg - 11/18/14 07:11 PM EST
In an effort to bring attention to the federal government and its miscalculated budget, this week the Chicago think tank Truth in Accounting (TIA) will be releasing its federal project. Over the past four years, the TIA has focused on state budgets...

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