Mike DeCesare - 08/11/14 08:00 AM EDT
In a recent op-ed published in The Hill, author George Hochbrueckner wrote about Russian seafood. This article included several inaccurate statements about the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), and we wish to take this opportunity to correct the...
former Rep. Jim Kolbe (R-Ariz.) - 08/06/14 08:00 AM EDT
This week, leaders from almost 50 countries across Africa are in Washington, D.C., for a summit that seeks to strengthen ties between their countries and the United States.  It is also a chance to take stock of a small government agency that,...
Craig Martin - 08/05/14 11:00 AM EDT
On August 4th, more than 45 African heads of state and government arrived in Washington DC for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit.  This is a great opportunity for U.S. businesses to enhance relations with one of the world’s most dynamic and...
Pedro A. Sanchez - 08/05/14 09:00 AM EDT
We are all too familiar with the many obstacles standing in the way of feeding the world by 2050, while facing both undernutrition and escalating rates of overnutrition.  In fact, often times the challenge seems quite daunting.  But,...
former Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.), Kathryn Clay and Raymond L. Orbach - 08/08/14 08:00 AM EDT
While electric vehicles have captured news headlines, a second revolution has been quietly gaining traction in the U.S. transportation sector. Over the last five years, more than $450 million of private sector capital has been invested in natural...
former Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-ill.) - 08/05/14 02:00 PM EDT
Both Republicans and Democrats, including President Obama, have criticized our counterproductive corporate tax code. With the rates nearly twice as high as the average in Europe and Asia, our system puts U.S. companies at a severe disadvantage to...
Taufiqur Rahman - 08/05/14 10:00 AM EDT
Africa leaders are convened in Washington this week to discuss Africa priorities with President Obama and U.S. institutions.   U.S. support for HIV/AIDS programs will be an important topic of discussion.  Africa’s economic development can...
Jo Ann Emerson - 08/05/14 08:00 AM EDT
In sub-Saharan Africa more than a half a billion people remain trapped in poverty by a widespread lack of electricity. For Africans, just as for rural Americans in the 20th century, electrification has the potential to break down the barriers to...

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