Gore, a man on a mission

Al GoreAlbert (Al) Arnold GoreCan Trump beat the Nobel odds? Will Trump win in 2020? Look to the mortgage market Mahmoud Abbas' exit from the Palestinian Authority is long overdue MORE’s testimony before the Senate and the House embodies the gold standard about  how a political leader with a cause can rally a movement, get things done, and change the world. Who else could attract so much interest from Internet activists, faith-based stewards, environmental leaders, hedge-fund managers and Wall Street banks placing smart-money bets on America’s future?

Gore is a man on a mission. It is exciting to witness the power of an idea, and a leader who views politics as an honorable profession to serve the national and global interest.

Soon the political world will be buzzing about Gore’s new book, coming this May, about the assault on reason. It will be a call to action against the politics of radical ideology, fear and greed that have led America into an unwise war and Washington into an era of scandal that has only begun to unfold.

Gore has a history of being ahead of his time and translating big ideas into effective action. While the Internet was created for defense, he saw the enormous potential of this new medium throughout our society. When the nuclear-arms race was skyrocketing, Gore was an authentic expert on national defense, weapons systems and nuclear proliferation.

Gore’s mission on climate change is the latest example of his ability to master the technical substance of complex issues, mobilize support and effect change. Wouldn’t it be spectacular to have a president with knowledge, experience and depth rather than a president who starts a war before he knows the difference between Sunnis and Shiites?

Gore on global warming is the true Mr. Smith coming to Washington. Gore understands that America is trapped in a fossil-fuel economy, which pollutes the planet, corrupts our politics with oil-based money, corrupts our national security by creating pressures for war and destroys the religious concept of stewardship, where every generation hands a safer world to the next.

America has our own clash of civilizations, with Gore leading the charge for a patriotic energy policy of cleaner and safer sources, a national-security strategy that is not obsessed with endless war, and a politics characterized by his stirring defense of the Bill of Rights and American values at Constitution Hall.

Gore advocates a renaissance of venture capital and new investment pouring money into the future of alternative energy, energy conservation, and an array of new technologies and ventures to generate growth and hope in our politics and economics. Gore advocates a New Deal for the future to serve American consumers and American security, rather than oil companies and foreign despots.

Gore’s patriotic energy policy favors openness over secrecy, honesty over deceit, the common interest over the special interest, and through American leadership of the future of energy would restore America’s world-wide prestige and power, with noble purpose.

With enormous grassroots appeal, Al Gore could raise a hundred million dollars in a heartbeat, for himself or the candidate he endorses. He would reach into Wall Street, K Street and Silicon Valley with his support for progressive capitalism and entrepreneurial investments that translate to profits in new-generation business, while inspiring millions of volunteers and small donors through the Internet.

Under the radar of official Washington, Al Gore has invented a new form of politics that is a communications and idea machine more powerful than final-stage presidential campaigns.

His film “An Inconvenient Truth” mobilized millions and communicated brilliantly, leading to two Academy Awards. His book about the assault on reason will be a sweeping statement about our democratic values. His global concert will be the largest music event in history and a powerful statement of America’s ability to lead the battle of ideas. His genuine prospect for the Nobel Peace Prize will elevate our spirits and our politics.

To envision the future of America in the post-Bush world, watch the man on a mission, when Mr. Gore returns to Washington.