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Joel Cohen, opinion contributor - 08/21/17 04:20 PM EDT
Every criminal lawyer has been confronted, at one time or another, and asked, “How can you represent that detestable individual?” The most transparent of us would likely say, in the vein of famed bank robber Willie Sutton when asked why he robbed...
Ned Ryun, opinion contributor - 08/21/17 03:50 PM EDT
Of all the departures from the West Wing in the last month, Stephen Bannon’s departure on Friday was by far the most disturbing to President Trump’s base. After less than a full year serving to drive Trump’s America first agenda, he was forced...
Chris Saeger, opinion contributor - 08/21/17 02:40 PM EDT
Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke is silencing the voices of Westerners by attempting to roll back more than a decade of collaborative work with his recent recommended changes to protecting a native bird called the sage-grouse and its sagebrush...
Donald Cohen and Dwayne Royster, opinion contributors - 08/21/17 02:00 PM EDT
Here’s something that almost everyone can agree on: We need to rebuild and retool the country’s aging infrastructure for the 21st century. The difficult question is how — and President Trump’s infrastructure agenda isn’t the way.The Trump agenda,...
Kristin Tate, opinion contributor - 08/21/17 04:06 PM EDT
“I hope Trump is assassinated!” soon-to-be former State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal wrote on Facebook. She is now being investigated by the Secret Service. Even some Democrats are calling for the lawmaker to resign. Unfortunately, her remarks are...
Anant Raut, opinion contributor - 08/21/17 03:40 PM EDT
To distract you while they smother net neutrality, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai and acting Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chair Maureen Ohlhausen have offered confident assurances that the FTC can step into the role...
David E. Weisberg, opinion contributor - 08/21/17 02:20 PM EDT
Earlier this month, I wrote a column about the American Civil Liberties Union. I said then that the ACLU, which bills itself as “our nation’s guardian of liberty,” would more accurately be described as the guardian of a far-left progressive agenda....
Jeff Schlegelmilch and Dara Alpert Lieberman, opinion contributors - 08/21/17 01:40 PM EDT
From Ebola to Zika to the opioid epidemic, health departments and the healthcare system, now more than ever, must be able to work 24/7 to detect, prevent and contain multiple crises — often at the same time.Unfortunately, because of a consistent...

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