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Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer - 03/04/15 08:39 PM EST
The following is the first paragraph of a letter I received back in December: “I am an employee of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). I was proud of my job and the FDIC’s mission before Operation Choke Point. During the past two years...
By Jim Kessler and David Kendall - 03/04/15 08:31 PM EST
With the Supreme Court set to make another momentous ruling over the Affordable Care Act, there finally seems to be some public consensus over the landmark health care bill — puh-leeze, let’s move on.  Except for a hardcore constituency of ACA...
A.B. Stoddard - 03/04/15 08:20 PM EST
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) admitted last weekend he made “mistakes” with his push to defund ObamaCare that inspired the government shutdown of 2013. It was in little-noticed remarks to a gathering of the Club For Growth in Florida that Cruz conceded...
Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.) - 03/04/15 08:00 AM EST
As the Supreme Court heard arguments in the King v. Burwell case this week, it has become abundantly clear that opponents of Affordable Care Act still have no plan of their own. In the five years since the law’s enactment, its critics have worked...
Sen. Rand Paul and Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt - 03/04/15 08:35 PM EST
Respect and protection of private property rights sets the United States apart from other nations and has fueled the greatest expansion of economic freedom the world has ever known. Indeed, private property rights are among the foundational rights...
Brent Budowsky - 03/04/15 08:23 PM EST
In this “friend of the court” column, I suggest with 90 percent confidence that Chief Justice John Roberts, who remained virtually silent during oral arguments before the Supreme Court on Wednesday, will join a majority of justices to uphold the...
Patrick Leahy - 03/04/15 08:10 PM EST
In his recent op-ed piece on The Hill’s Congress Blog (“Nigeria and U.S. must work together to fight Boko Haram,” March 2), Nigeria’s ambassador to the United States recounted the horrors perpetrated by Boko Haram on Nigerian civilians. He then...
Markos Moulitsas - 03/03/15 08:05 PM EST
Proponents of the “top-two” primary system are aggressively promoting their cause across the country, hoping to convince states to abandon traditional party primaries in favor of “jungle primaries,” in which all candidates run together regardless of...

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