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Raoul Lowery Contreras, opinion contributor - 03/17/18 06:00 AM EDT
What is, at its narrowest point, fewer than two miles wide, through which one-third of world trade and half of all the world’s oil is shipped?In fact, 80 percent of the oil and gasoline that American allies Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, as well as...
Jeramie D. Scott, opinion contributor - 03/16/18 06:30 PM EDT
When most people think of mass surveillance databases, the first thing that comes to mind is the government or an agency like the NSA. But the government is not the only one in the business of creating massive surveillance databases. Private...
Bert Ely, opinion contributor - 03/16/18 05:00 PM EDT
Senate passage Wednesday evening of its version of financial services regulatory reform (S. 2155) hardly ensures a smooth passage to final enactment of long-sought reforms to the Dodd-Frank Act (DFA) that Congress enacted in 2010.Despite...
Kitty Block, opinion contributor - 03/16/18 04:30 PM EDT
The heartbreaking story of a 10-month old French bulldog, Kokito, who died after a flight attendant ordered that he be stowed in an overhead compartment, has horrified people across the country. As details continue to unfold — the dog apparently...
Tom Wathen and Marcia Argust, opinion contributors - 03/16/18 07:00 PM EDT
Congress created the National Park Service (NPS) in 1916 and tasked it with caring for our nation’s treasured parks. As our National Park System begins its second century, it should be a showcase of smart technology, energy and cost efficiencies,...
Alexander Vershbow, Daniel Fried, Franklin D. Kramer, opinion contributors - 03/16/18 05:30 PM EDT
The London nerve agent attack on former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter has been specifically ascribed to Russia by the United Kingdom prime minister, fully supported by the White House and American officials including at the United...
Morgan Wright, opinion contributor - 03/16/18 04:45 PM EDT
August 18, 1941. A date which will live in infamy.No — the date is correct. That was the first known attack on the Ukrainian energy grid by Russia. Stalin’s secret police — the NKVD — blew up the Zaporizhzhya hydroelectric dam along the banks of the...
Andrew Byers, opinion contributor - 03/16/18 04:00 PM EDT
Eleven months ago, on the eve of the first meeting between President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, I counseled the Trump administration to initiate bilateral diplomatic talks with North Korea. The United States has finally done so. Details...

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