Has President Trump passed enough tests as yet?

Has President Trump passed enough tests as yet?
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President Trump cannot catch a break.

Ever since the duly-elected president won the White House by one of the largest margins in American history,the mainstream media, along with democrats and even some republicans  have established various "tests" for Trump to pass. As if the president is required to prove all over again that he's fit for office or worse, to prove he won't burn the place down.

Yet, just as their polling predictions were vastly off the mark on Election Day so, too, are their predictions of Trump's presidential performance thus far.


Let us count the ways.

In the weeks leading up to his inauguration, the media fretted whether a Trump presidency would cause the financial markets to tumble, which would of course lead to a catastrophic global meltdown.

Investors brace for Trump inauguration, the Financial Times reported.

MarketWatch cited "nervousness" in anticipation of Trump's inaugural speech.

TheStreet warned of increased “volatility” as "campaign-trail fantasy becomes governing reality."

Mark Zandi at Moody's Analytics warned people to, Buckle in

Even Clinton's former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers – a Harvard professor who ought to know better — suggested Americans hope for the best but prepare for the worst as if preparing for nuclear winter.

Doom and gloom.

And all of it, just plain wrong.

It turns out, the stock market surged upon Trump's swearing-in and within just a few days it surpassed 22,000 for the first time in history. The market went on to make an impressive 5.5 percent gain in Trump’s “first 100 days.” In fact, in terms of stock market performance during the early days of an American presidency, Trump is now ranked among the top two republican presidents in American history and among the top five presidents to ever hold office.

Did that success story ever make it to the nightly news? No, of course not.

With 1 million new jobs added to the economy and a 16-year record low in unemployment, media quickly realized it couldn't get a foothold against the businessman-turned-president, so they moved on to their next narrative on Trump - that he is a loose cannon on foreign policy, the likes of which could start wars around the globe.

In fact, the opposite happened here as well. 

The world actually came together on his watch.

In its first 200 days the Trump administration, vis-a-vis U.N. Ambassador Nikki HaleyNimrata (Nikki) HaleyRaces to watch in Tuesday’s primaries In Syria, Trump travel ban case is being watched closely Cheer the US exit from UN Human Rights Council — but demand more MORE, brought leaders of every nation to the negotiating table and managed to achieve a unanimous resolution against North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for his nuclear program. Foreign policy critics had previously predicted that neither Russia nor China would ever agree to such a resolution, especially under a wild card like Trump.

They, too, were wrong.

The tests go on and on.

Earlier this year, Trump traveled to Saudi Arabia where he signed economic investment deals with the Saudi monarchy and spoke with 50 Muslim countries about anti-terror efforts. Funny, he didn’t even have to bow to a foreign king to do so.

The next stop was the G20 where he not only spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin but got the leader to agree to a ceasefire in Syria. Not a bad day at the office.

Next, Trump ventured to Poland to speak before an overflow crowd that converged on Warsaw to hear him talk tough on Russia. Yet another prediction the media got wrong.

Oddly enough, his foreign policy trips have been wildly successful. There has been no bowing to kings, no leading from behind and guess what, folks, the world is still standing.

When it comes to domestic crises, Trump has also passed the tests

As Hurricane Harvey approached the southeastern U.S., critics predicted that the president would fumble his response just as President George W. Bush did during Hurricane Katrina.

Other than First Lady Melania Trump's high crime of wearing stilettos to catch a flight in the rain, the administration's response to the largest flood in 700 years was flawless. Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott (R) gave the president an "A+" for his response times and a $7.6 billion bipartisan aid package was expedited to the lone star state. 

Just days after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas and deposited a flood the size of Lake Michigan, Hurricane Irma took aim at Florida. Unrelenting, media then suggested that the administration's response could falter, as officials would be fatigued from Harvey. Instead, the federal response went off without a hitch. Six million people were safe and President Trump immediately signed a major disaster declaration which set into motion assistance for the sunshine state.

Whether it's a 700-year storm, 200-year high on the stock market, 16-year high in consumer confidence, 16-year low in unemployment, a foreign policy challenge or a simple domestic issue, it is now abundantly clear that the mainstream media doesn’t plan to give Trump one iota of credit.

So now the question is, when will the mainstream media be held to account for their inaccurate predictions regarding this president? Moreover, when will Trump pass enough "tests" to be acceptable in their sights? 

Doubtful it will be anytime soon, if ever. 

It is no matter. As he gears up to barnstorm states on tax relief for the American people and prepares to head into the final quarter of his first year in office, there is now enough empirical evidence to prove that President Trump is not only passing these tests, he is acing them. 

Jen Kerns has served as a GOP strategist and writer for the U.S. presidential debates for FOX News. She previously served as communications director and spokeswoman for the California Republican Party, the Colorado Recalls over gun control, and the Prop. 8 battle over marriage which went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.