Dark Web hacking forum Hell back online

Dark Web hacking forum Hell back online
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The dark Web hacking forum Hell is back online, according to Motherboard, just months after users speculated that it was swarmed by undercover cops and its founder shut it down.

The now-infamous forum for hacking tips and stolen data gained public recognition when a hacker dumped the intimate information of 4 million users of the hook-up service Adult Friend Finder.

The company was forced to publicly admit the breach, which exposed users’ sexual orientation, age, gender and race.

Hell’s original administrator, Ping, shut down the site in July after rumors of internal disputes and law enforcement presence undermined the forum.

But the forum is now live again, apparently under new management. Because posts are not timestamped, it is impossible to tell when the forum reappeared. A low number of new posts has caused observers to speculate that the relaunch occurred as recently as last weekend.

“Hell is now public,” a new administrator, known as “HA,” wrote in a post. “Anyone can share the HELL URL where they see fit.”

The site is run through the anonymizing browser Tor.

Users have expressed skepticism that the new forum is any safer than the original iteration.

Writing in a thread titled “Is this actually safe,” a user called “Masclacht” wrote, “How am I to trust the site administrator?”

“Don't worry about anything regarding LE,NSA and others,” HA replied, using acronyms for law enforcement and the National Security Agency. “If you suspect anyone to be LE please let us know so that we can take proper action against them, since this is not a place for them.”