Most common password in 2015? '123456'

Most common password in 2015? '123456'

Computer users continue to use wildly insecure passwords to protect their online accounts, according to the results of an annual survey of popular passwords.

For the fifth year running, “123456” and “password” were the most commonly-used security codes used in North America and Europe in 2015.

Password management software company SplashData annually analyzes sample groups of leaked passwords to determine the most common phrases in circulation.

Although many on this year’s top-25 list are repeat offenders — ”qwerty,” “abc123,” “football” — a few new saliently timed Star Wars phrases came into circulation this year. “Solo,” “princess” and “starwars” all made the cut.

Experts say that users who want to keep themselves safe online should choose unique passwords for different accounts that use numbers and symbols, not just letters.

But studies show individuals now juggle more than 20 total passwords at a time, typing out an average of eight per day, tempting users to employ a single code for multiple accounts.

Even President Obama has admitted to falling into the trap of using simple, easy-to-remember codes.

In remarks at a cybersecurity summit at Stanford University given last year, Obama admitted he's used some passwords that are pretty easy for cyber criminals to access.

“It's just too easy for hackers to figure out usernames and passwords like ‘password’ or ‘123457,’ ” he said to laughs in the crowded auditorium.

“Those are some of my previous passwords. I’ve changed them since then.”

The White House last year made it a priority to “kill the password,” an oft-invoked urging from Cybersecurity Coordinator Michael Daniel. The administration has eyed mobile devices, digital rings and other tools to replace the password.