Kaspersky withdraws antitrust complaints against Microsoft

Kaspersky withdraws antitrust complaints against Microsoft
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Antivirus manufacturer Kaspersky Lab withdrew antitrust complaints in the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia and will withdraw similar complaints to the European Commission and to Germany’s Federal Cartel Office, the firms announced Thursday. 

"Microsoft has announced today that it is addressing the concerns we recently raised with select governing organizations in Russia and Europe," wrote Andrei Mochola, vice president of consumer products for Kaspersky Lab, in a company blog post.

"We are grateful Microsoft is addressing these issues completely, making sure that both partnerships and diversity are preserved on the market for both user and industry benefit."

Kaspersky Lab had accused Microsoft of making it difficult to run antivirus software on Windows in what Kaspersky claimed was an attempt to promote Microsoft's own security products. 

The Moscow-based company's complaints included confusing processes for users to install Kaspersky products and keep them during Windows upgrades, and that Microsoft did not provide antivirus firms enough advance time to make sure their wares were compatible with new versions of Windows before their release. 

Microsoft announced changes to its policies Thursday including providing more lead time for companies like Kaspersky Lab to ensure compatibility with Windows and allowing those companies to produce their own error messages. 

"We appreciate the feedback and continued dialogue with our partners and are pleased to have found common ground with Kaspersky Lab on the complaints raised in Russia and Europe. We look forward to our continued partnership with the industry," wrote Rob Lefferts, partner director for Windows Enterprise and Security, in a Microsoft blog post.

"Customers deserve the best and most up-to-date protection possible. Microsoft and our security partners share a commitment to keep them safe."