Pakistan fields new drone fleet

Pakistan is the latest foreign military to join the ranks of unmanned warfare, unveiling its new drone fleet for the first time on Tuesday. 

The new unmanned aircraft, dubbed the "Burraq" and "Shahpar," will be fielded by Pakistan's army and air force, according to an official statement from Islamabad. 

The Associated Press first reported details of the country's new aerial drone fleet. 

Pakistani military officials declined to comment on the specific capabilities of the aircraft, what kinds of missions they would conduct or whether they would be armed. 

Military observers claim the limited size and range of the new aircraft would hinder Pakistan's ability to arm the drones, indicating they would likely be used for intelligence and reconnaissance missions. 

Pakistan has repeatedly been a target for armed U.S. drones, with Washington carrying out numerous drone strikes along the country's volatile border with Afghanistan. 

The drone strikes, according to the White House and Pentagon, have been integral in taking out a number of high-level leaders in al Qaeda and other terror groups operating in the country. 

Most recently an American drone strike killed Hakimullah Mehsud, the head of the Taliban's Pakistani faction, in November. 

But the strikes have riled leaders in Islamabad, who argue the attacks are a violation of Pakistan's sovereignty.