Report: Four dead in Air Force helicopter crash

A United States Air Force helicopter crashed Tuesday off the coast of England, the Air Force announced.

All four crew members on board died, officials told the Associated Press. Other reports said officials presumed that the servicemembers were dead.

The helicopter crashed around 6 p.m. near Salthouse, England, on the Norfolk coast in the east of the country.

The aircraft, assigned to the 48th Fighter Wing, and was on a low-level training mission. 

A U.S. official at the Pentagon, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told the AP all four crew members aboard had died.

The helicopter, which was a Pave Hawk, is a slightly altered version of a Black Hawk helicopter. It is often used to assist in search and rescue missions during combat.

Local police in Norfolk believed no one else was injured in the crash, reports said.