Russian president slams US over missile talks, threatens nuke pact exit

The relationship took a turn toward chilly Wednesday.

“We are to replace the friction and confrontation in our relations with the principles of equality, indivisible security, mutual trust and predictability,” Medvedev said, according to media reports. “Regrettably, the USA and other NATO partners have not shown enough willingness to move in this direction.”

Russian officials have been pressing their U.S. counterparts for more information about Washington’s plans to erect a missile sheild in Europe. Moscow wants more proof that the system is being designed to counter Iranian missiles — not to target sites inside Russia.

American officials, when asked to assuage such concerns, merely “repeat that these plans are not directed against Russia and that there is no point for us to be concerned,” Medvedev said. “That is the position of the executive authorities, but legislators in some countries openly state the whole system is against Russia.”

Medvedev fired a shot across the Obama administration’s bow, saying that without more information about the European system, his nation will exit the New START Treaty.

The White House has yet to respond to an inquiry seeking comment.

The Senate ratified the nuclear-arms pact, but House Republicans have objected, charging that the treaty gives Moscow too much sway over America’s missile defense plans.