Analyst: Ground force cuts likely, avoid going too far

What’s more, there is “little enthusiasm for devoting dwindling resources to large ground forces designed to prevail in the types of military engagements of the past 10 years,” Freier wrote in the report, according to a summary composed by consultancy Delex Systems.

The Obama administration's effort to focus America's foreign policy toward Asia is likely another driver of shrinking U.S. ground forces, Freier noted.

“This shift suggests greater emphasis on naval, air and special operations capabilities, and a substantially reduced role for traditional ground forces,” Freier wrote in the report.

But the analysts warned Washington against shrinking the Army and Marine Corps by too much because “those who threaten U.S. interests still have a vote.”

“Every post-Cold War president has come into office vowing to avoid large, costly, foreign interventions requiring tens of thousands of ‘boots on the ground,’ only to have their hand forced by unforeseen events,” he concluded.