Poll: US failed to meet goals in Iraq, Afghanistan

A new poll finds a majority of the public believes the United States failed to meet its goals in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

The poll from the Pew Research Center and USA Today found 52 percent of respondents thought the U.S. had mostly failed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Thirty-seven percent thought the U.S. had mostly succeeded in Iraq; 38 percent thought the same about Afghanistan.

The numbers are a significant drop from 2011 when the U.S. military was still in Iraq. Then, 56 percent felt the U.S. had succeeded in Iraq and 58 percent felt that the U.S. would succeed in Afghanistan.

There is no longer a partisan divide over the sentiment toward the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan either, as Republican opinion that the war has succeeded has dropped to the same level as that fo Democrats and independents.

In 2011, Republicans said the Iraq War had been a success, compared to 56 percent of Democrats. The latest poll had Republicans at 36 percent and Democrats at 37 percent.