George W. Bush, Jill Biden to rally support for post-9/11 veterans

Former President George W. Bush and Jill Biden will both appear at an summit next week at the former president's library looking to coordinate support for post-9/11 military veterans.

In a rare public event, Bush will address the summit to discuss how his institute plans to "work with leaders across all sectors to unite the efforts of communities, non-profits, businesses, academics, and individuals to create a coalition of effective and efficient resources for veterans and their families," according to a release from his library.

Participants at the summit will include the head of the Fisher House foundation, head of Merrill Lynch's brokerage, the president of 7-11, and the CEO of the Case Foundation, among others.

The second lady will also deliver remarks on how Americans can help returning veterans by supporting their transition back to civilian life.


Biden and first lady Michelle Obama co-founded Joining Forces, which looks to connect returning service members and their families to jobs and charitable support.