Defense authorization conferees aim to wrap up by Monday

House and Senate conferees are aiming to file a final version of the 2012 Pentagon policy bill by Monday, a senior Senate aide told The Hill.

The conference committee has been working on a final version of the bill — passed every year for about five decades — for about a week.

Another congressional aide close to the bicameral talks indicated filing a bill early next week would need to occur so the final policy bill can be approved before Congress adjourns for the holidays.

The must-pass bill will contain compromise versions of several contentious provisions,  including Senate-backed provisions that target the Central Bank of Iran and alter terrorist-detainee practices.

The White House has said advisers would recommend President Obama veto the bill over the detainee provisions.

But that would be a politically risky move for Obama, as his political enemies no doubt would question doing so because the legislation is so important to the troops.

Some defense insiders doubt the commander in chief would actually take that advice with troops in harm’s way — and as his reelection campaign revs up.

The Associated Press reported Friday that Obama had gotten personally involved in the negotiations.