China’s soldiers getting too big for tanks

China’s soldiers have grown enough over the past 20 years that its tanks are now a tight squeeze, and its rifles are too short.

The Wall Street Journal reported on a Chinese physical survey of 20,000 troops in the People’s Liberation Army published in the official PLA Daily newspaper.

The study found that the average Chinese soldier is two centimeters taller and five thicker around the waist compared to 20 years ago.

While the increases are a signal that nutrition in the country is improving — it’s caused some problems when it comes to China’s military equipment.

Some of China’s tanks, for instance, were built 30 years ago and have become tight fits, according to the PLA newspaper.  Rifle butts are also too short, which can cause accuracy problems.

The U.S. military, on the other hand, has seen a growth in girth over the past several decades, but not the corresponding jump in height.