Pentagon: No negligence in bombing of coalition outpost

An incident where coalition forces accidentally dropped a 500-lb. bomb on a coalition observation post in Afghanistan was investigated twice, and was found not to be the result of “wrongdoing or negligence,” the Pentagon said Wednesday. 

“The [incident] was investigated twice, both a safety and a legal investigation were conducted, determined no wrongdoing, no negligence,” said Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren. 

A video surfaced online this week of the incident, which took place in September 2012 in Eastern Afghanistan. Warren said it was an “errant strike” by an Air Force jet. 

There were no casualties in the bombing, which destroyed part of the outpost where about a dozen soldiers were posted. 

According to, which posted an “FUNKER530” interview with one of the witnesses, the troops had come into contact with insurgents and called in an airstrike. 

“About a half second before impact you could hear the bomb screaming in like I hadn’t ever heard before, and I definitely knew at that point something was off,” said the witness, who said the bomb hit about 15 meters behind him. 

“Luckily our [first sergeant] called up and put everyone on stand to, inadvertently saving the lives of at least 3 soldiers who would have been in the bay that had shrapnel sent through every inch of it including shearing holes into weapons,” the witness. 

“Once the smoke had cleared and realized no one was seriously injured, we just sitting there in awe as the anger started to build,” the witness said.