Report: Army-Marine combat vehicle program still faces hurdles

The services also plan to upgrade existing Humvees and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, which will bring their own lofty price tags, CRS notes. Another issue is whether the JLTV fleet with its reduced specs will be that much more advanced than upgraded Humvees — and if not, whether the Army and Marines should attempt both efforts.

“Another possible issue for consideration is the new lower JLTV per-vehicle cost target might be close to that of recapitalized [Humvees],” according to the report, “bringing into question if it is better and more cost effective to procure 'new' JLTVs versus 'old' recapitalized [Humvees].”

Yet another hurdle for the program will be the ever-present possibility “that requirements might be added in the future, driving up the program cost,” the report stated.

“The Army and Marines have both noted that, despite emphasis on recapitalizing [Humvees] and MRAPs in lieu of developing JLTVs,” CRS stated, “there are limitations concerning the degree to which these vehicles can be upgraded and still be operationally effective.”