Democrat says broader Russia sanctions ‘will likely be necessary’


A senior House Intelligence Committee member on Monday called the new sanctions against Russia “an important step,” but said additional measures will likely be needed. 

“The new sanctions announced by the administration today targeting individuals close to Vladimir Putin, as well as certain banks and other business entities, is an important step that must be matched quickly by our European allies,” said Rep. Adam SchiffAdam SchiffOvernight Tech: Facebook, Twitter to testify before Senate | EU orders Amazon to pay 0M in back taxes | Reddit hires first lobbyists Facebook, Twitter will testify at Senate hearing Schiff: Almost all RT ads on Twitter designed to push negative coverage of Clinton MORE (D-Calif.). 

The sanctions announced by President Obama expand U.S. sanctions to seven more Russian officials as well as 17 companies, but stop short of sanctioning entire industries, which could hurt European allies dependent on energy and other resources from Russia. 

Administration officials said Monday that European sanctions would be forthcoming, but would not necessarily match the ones imposed by the U.S.

“Regrettably, it will likely be necessary to go further and sanction whole sectors of the Russian economy — their banking, mining, energy and arms industries among others,” said Schiff, who traveled to Ukraine earlier this month. 

“This can be done most effectively in concert with Europe so that the sanctions are crippling to Russia's economy and do not allow Putin to exploit any daylight between us and our partners,” he said.  

“Nothing short of strong, concerted action will deter this kind of dangerous belligerence in the future. It is not only Ukraine's future at stake, but the whole concept of Europe that is whole and at peace,” he said.