McCain: Second Colombia briefing 'dramatic improvement'

He first complained that it had taken several weeks before Pentagon officials had briefed the Senate Armed Services heads, a contrast to the quick briefings other committees received from the Secret Service director.

After the briefing occurred, McCain said the officials were “woefully unprepared” and could not answer basic questions.

This time around, McCain and Armed Services Chairman Carl Levin (D-Mich.) were briefed by Director of the Joint Staff Vice Adm. William Gortney and several other officials.

McCain did not reveal much information about what he was told, but said that no classified information was in the hotel. He said that much of the information that’s been reported in the media has been substantiated.

McCain said he did not know yet if there would be congressional hearings on the military side of the scandal, saying he had to discuss it more with Levin.

The Defense Department is conducting a separate investigation alongside the Secret Service into the scandal, where a dozen members of the military and a dozen Secret Service agents are suspected to be involved.

No military personnel have faced discipline yet for the involvement, as U.S. Southern Command commander Gen. Douglas Fraser is reviewing the initial investigation report.