Senators want more info on report alleging failures protecting DoD whistleblowers

Officials in the Pentagon’s Inspector General’s office had persistent sloppiness and a systematic disregard for rules meant to protect whistleblowers, according to the report, which was obtained by the Project on Government Oversight with a Freedom of Information Act request.

At least one of the alleged reprisals mentioned in the report was taken because the person had written to Congress, which Pentagon rules say is a “protected communication,” CPI reported.

After the report was issued last year, Deputy Inspector General Marguerite Garrison re-organized its office and overhauled its manual. A spokeswoman for Acting Inspector General Lynne Halbrooks told CPI that the lessons learned “have proved vital to establishing more robust policies and procedures.”

Levin and McCain are asking Panetta to lay out what options the Inspector General’s office has taken to address the problems in the report. They also want to know about steps to re-open reprisal cases “that were inadequately investigated or erroneously dismissed.”