Rohrabacher: Karzai will abandon Afghanistan after US withdrawal

"I think Karzai will leave the country with all his bags of money when we leave, or when our troops leave . . . unfortunately, that means that the Taliban may then takeover,"  Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) said on Tuesday during an appearance on CNN's Situation Room. 

That statement was just the latest in a war of words between Karzai and Rohrabacher that began in April, when the House member was denied entry into Afghanistan by Karzai's government. 

The outspoken California Republican said Karzai's ties to the Pakistani government combined with the pervasive corruption that has permeated his regime has left Karzai "out of sync with the culture and the tribal values of the Afghan people." 

That disconnect, once U.S. and coalition forces leave the country, will result in Karzai's hasty departure from Afghanistan, Roharbacher argued.  

"It's a terrible mistake," he added, regarding the White House's backing of Karzai's government. "It's costing us lives, and when we do leave, it's going to prevent us from leaving Afghanistan in the hands of people who are friends of the United States." 

Rohrabacher's comments come a day after Karzai effectively banned the congressman from entering Afghanistan until he "shows respect" for the country's central government and the legitimacy of the Karzai administration. 

On Monday, Karzai told CNN that he denied Rohrabacher entry because of the lawmaker's previous statements that Afghanistan should be split into separate parts and governed by a more decentralized government structure. 

"A democratically-elected congressman of the United States of America should not be talking of an ethnic divide in Afghanistan, should not be interfering in Afghanistan's internal affairs," Karzai said at the time. 

Rohrabacher on Monday told The Hill he never called for splitting up Afghanistan, saying Karzai and others have "totally misrepresented my position" on the issue