McKeon shoots video attacking Reid on sequestration

“At the same time, they offer no plans of their own,” McKeon says.

McKeon makes the argument that sequestration, the 10-year automatic cut of about $500 billion to both defense and non-defense spending, is happening now, not when it kicks in in January 2013, because companies are preparing for the cuts with layoffs.

“If Sen. Reid doesn’t have a plan of his own, he must allow the Senate to consider one of the other plans that have been introduced,” McKeon says.

Reid has said he is blocking the House-passed budget plan to stop the first year of sequestration cuts to defense through a reconciliation process that has deeper spending cuts to other discretionary spending.

At the same time, senators from both parties say there are ongoing informal discussions throughout the Senate to find a solution to sequestration, as well as the George W. Bush-era tax rates and the debt ceiling, all of which loom at year's end.

McKeon has proposed a separate plan to delay sequestration for one year with a 10 percent cut to the federal workforce, but no Democrats have joined onto his bill.