Sen. Hutchison calls for hearings on Air Force sexual assault scandal

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) has also said she wants hearings to be held on the sexual assault cases at Lackland Air Base, writing a letter to the heads of the House Armed Services Committee requesting a hearing. Speier has given numerous floor speeches about sexual assault in the military and has introduced legislation to beef up reporting and investigations.

The Lackland scandal has led to at least 12 instructors being investigated for illicit sexual behavior, and the Air Force says that 31 female airmen from Lackland have been identified as victims. Nine of the 12 instructors came from the same unit.

The investigation into sexual assaults at Lackland began a year ago after Staff Sgt. Luis Walker was accused of rape by a female airman. He is charged with having sexual contact with 10 women and goes on trial July 16, according to the Express-News.

The initial charge had led to the broader investigation into military instructors at Lackland, and has led to the ouster of the training squadron’s commander.

Gen. Edward Rice Jr., commander of Air Education and Training Command, said at the Pentagon last week that a survey has been given to all basic military trainees who were in training at the time.